"...the Arms Control Association [does] so much to keep the focus on the issues so important to everyone here, to hold our leaders accountable to inspire creative thinking and to press for change. So we are grateful for your leadership and for the unyielding dedication to global nuclear security."
– Lord Des Browne
Vice Chairman, Nuclear Threat Initiative
The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Source News Date
US extends nuclear waivers for Iran Arms Control Association DAWN May 5, 2019
US renews some Iran nuclear waivers, targets uranium enrichment Kelsey Davenport Rudaw May 4, 2019
Trump admin slaps new restrictions on Iran's nuclear activities Kelsey Davenport NBC News May 3, 2019
US extends nuclear waivers for Iran, but with limits Arms Control Association CNN May 3, 2019
Pentagon watchdog: US no longer tracking Taliban gains in Afghanistan Arms Control Association Washington Examiner May 1, 2019
A Farewell to Arms Control? Daryl G. Kimball Institute for Policy Studies May 1, 2019
Arms Control Expert Warns of Potential New Arms Race Between U.S., Russia Thomas Countryman The Washington Diplomat April 30, 2019
Renewing Waivers For Nuclear Projects With Iran Serves U.S. Interests Kelsey Davenport LobeLog April 30, 2019
Trump’s Arms Control Plan: Genius or Disingenuous? Daryl G. Kimball, Thomas Countryman Breaking Defense April 30, 2019
How to Avoid Another Korean War Arms Control Association The National Interest April 30, 2019
Trump’s Arms Control Gambit: Serious or a Poison Pill? Daryl G. Kimball Inter Press Service April 30, 2019
Boeing awarded $127.6M contract for nuclear bomb life extension Arms Control Association United Press International April 29, 2019
Дипломатия "второго трека": Россия и США активизировали переговоры (Diplomacy of the "second track": Russia and the United States intensified negotiations) Arms Control Association RIA Novosti April 29, 2019
Taiwan Strait passage; China targets US spies; Gitmo, nursing home; Russia’s military whales?; And a bit more. Kingston Reif Defense One April 29, 2019
Trump’s decision to pull out of the Arms Trade Treaty: a cynic’s guide Arms Control Association MinnPost April 29, 2019
South Koreans celebrate summit anniversary, but N. Korea’s a no-show Kelsey Davenport Stars and Stripes April 28, 2019
House Foreign Affairs Panel to Set Hearing On US Exit From Arms Trade Treaty Arms Control Association Sputnik News April 27, 2019
Trump pulls out of arms control treaty opposed by NRA Daryl G. Kimball Yahoo Finance April 26, 2019
Trump administration expected to distance itself from global arms treaty Thomas Countryman The Washington Post April 26, 2019
Fact-Checking Trump’s Speech to the N.R.A. Daryl G. Kimball The New York Times April 26, 2019