"In my home there are few publications that we actually get hard copies of, but [Arms Control Today] is one and it's the only one my husband and I fight over who gets to read it first."

– Suzanne DiMaggio
Senior Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
April 15, 2019
The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Outlet News Date
Next in the War on ISIS; Trump Vows to 'Keep' Syrian Oil; Navy's Shrinking Fleet Vision; Sole-Source ICBM Looms; And a Bit More. Arms Control Association Defense One October 28, 2019
Trump is About to Give Putin Another Gift Kingston Reif CNN October 25, 2019
With Nuclear Stakes, The World Cannot Afford Russian Obfuscation Daryl G. Kimball Atlantic Council, The October 22, 2019
'This is INSANE': National Security Experts Shocked by Pompeo's Saber-Rattling Towards Turkey Kingston Reif Raw Story October 21, 2019
Congress Calls on US to Scout Nuclear Alternatives to Turkey Base Kingston Reif Al Monitor October 21, 2019
Trump Appears to Confirm U.S. Nukes are in Turkey, an Admission That Would Break with Longstanding Protocol Kingston Reif Washington Post, The October 16, 2019
Deadly Diplomatic Challenge: Turkey Holding 50 US Nuclear Bombs 'Hostage' Arms Control Association News.com.au (Australia) October 15, 2019
Putin Takes Swipe at Trump for Withdrawing from Nuclear Treaty: 'It Was Not Worth Ruining' Arms Control Association Newsweek October 14, 2019
US Soldier on Front Lines in Syria Tells Fox Reporter, ‘I Am Ashamed for the First Time in My Career' Kingston Reif Washington Examiner October 11, 2019
Are U.S.-North Korea Nuclear Negotiations Dead? Kelsey Davenport National Interest, The October 11, 2019
Trump's Rumored Pullout From Open Skies Treaty Would Idle Offutt Jets Kingston Reif Omaha World-Herald October 9, 2019
Roll Forward the Doomsday Train CODE RED MILITARY Daryl G. Kimball BBC October 9, 2019
An Evolving Nuclear Agenda Spurs Plutonium Pit Production at LANL Kingston Reif NM Political Report, The October 9, 2019
Trump Apparently Wants to Pull the U.S. From the Open Skies Treaty, and Nobody Knows Why Arms Control Association Yahoo! News October 8, 2019
A Top Democrat is Sounding the Alarm that the Trump Administration is Considering Pulling out of a Vital Treaty with Russia Daryl G. Kimball Business Insider October 8, 2019
Democrats Alarmed About Possible U.S. Withdrawal From Open Skies Treaty Arms Control Association Reuters October 8, 2019
Top Dems warn Trump against US pullout of Open Skies Treaty Kingston Reif Defense News October 8, 2019
Turkey Signals Imminent Operation Into Syria | Power & Politics Thomas Countryman CBC October 8, 2019
Iran-A Time to Act Kelsey Davenport Israel Nation News October 3, 2019
Be Afraid, Donald Trump: Iran Could Build a Nuclear Weapon in 1 Year Kelsey Davenport National Interest, The September 30, 2019