“Your association has taken a significant role in fostering public awareness of nuclear disarmament and has led to its advancement.”
– Kazi Matsui
Mayor of Hiroshima
June 2, 2022
The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Outlet News Date
In 'unprecedented' action, Putin orders nuclear deterrent forces to be on 'high alert' amid spiraling tensions over Ukraine Daryl Kimball MSNBC February 27, 2022
With Russian nuclear forces on alert, Ukraine crisis enters more dangerous phase Daryl Kimball Washington Post, The February 27, 2022
EXPLAINER: Does Putin’s alert change risk of nuclear war? Daryl Kimball Associated Press, The February 26, 2022
Russian Nuclear Capability Daryl Kimball Washington Journal (C-SPAN) February 26, 2022
Russia is targeting U.S. biological weapons labs in Ukraine invasion. Andrew Weber PolitiFact February 25, 2022
Biden Halts Russian Arms Control Talks Amid Ukraine Invasion Daryl Kimball Foreign Policy February 25, 2022
EWTN News Nightly Daryl Kimball EWTN February 25, 2022
Russia, Ukraine, and the New Bipartisanship in Washington Michael Klare Nation, The February 22, 2022
Putin orders nuclear weapons drills Arms Control Association Week, The February 19, 2022
Biden: 'I am convinced' Putin has decided to invade Ukraine Daryl Kimball Politico February 18, 2022
What Happens to Ukraine Matters to Every American Arms Control Association Daily Beast, The February 17, 2022
As tensions mount on Ukraine’s borders, it’s time to understand what led to the INF Treaty’s demise Arms Control Association Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists February 16, 2022
Will AUKUS Kill Global Nuclear Non-Proliferation Norms? Daryl Kimball National Interest, The February 14, 2022
US officials see Iran ‘weeks’ away from bomb breakout, upping urgency around talks Daryl Kimball Times of Israel, The February 11, 2022
Biden Under Pressure As Iran Nuclear Talks Resume Daryl Kimball International Business Times February 10, 2022
https://www.newsmax.com/politics/iran-tedcruz-irannucleardeal-world/2022/02/08/id/1056075/ Daryl Kimball Newsmax February 8, 2022
Ukraine Gave Up a Giant Nuclear Arsenal 30 Years Ago. Today There Are Regrets. Daryl Kimball New York Times, The February 5, 2022
U.S. restores Iran sanctions waiver as deadline for nuclear deal looms Daryl Kimball NBC February 4, 2022
Mexico fighting back against U.S. gun makers in $10 billion suit. Now, 12 states supporting the suit Arms Control Association Daily Kos February 2, 2022
As Iran Nears Uranium Breakout Capacity, US Mulls Bomb-Making Scenarios Daryl Kimball VOA January 26, 2022
Russia proposed interim nuclear deal to Iran, with U.S. knowledge, sources say Arms Control Association NBC January 23, 2022
Why Do Men Keep Making War? Michael Klare CounterPunch January 21, 2022
North Korea signals possible resumption of nuclear tests Daryl Kimball i24NEWS January 20, 2022
N.Korea suggests it may resume nuclear, missile tests; slams 'hostile' U.S. Daryl Kimball Reuters January 20, 2022
America has taken its eyes off the ball on Iran Arms Control Association CNN January 18, 2022