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The following articles and essays provide additional insight into current developments and issues which our staff and experts are following.

  • Despite Threat to Breach Limits, Iran Remains Below the Nuclear Deal’s Caps
    June 5, 2019
    While Iran appears to be exercising restraint and remaining in compliance with the JCPOA, its threats to violate the deal jeopardizes the future of the accord and risks reigniting a nuclear crisis.
  • Reporting on the 2019 NPT PrepCom
    May 10, 2019
    Research assistant Alicia Sanders-Zakre provides here regular updates from the NPT PrepCom meetings taking place at the United Nations from April 29 to May 10.
  • Understanding the U.S. Moves on JCPOA Nonproliferation Project Waivers
    May 7, 2019
    The Trump administration's announcement of waivers to allow the continuation of projects at key Iranian nuclear sites is clearly in the U.S. and international community's interest, but its decision to cut down on the length of the waivers and tighten nuclear-related sanctions in other areas puts the deal in further jeopardy.
  • U.S.-Russian Experts, Fmr. Officials Urge New START Extension, Renewed U.S.-Russian Strategic Dialogue
    April 12, 2019
    Executive director Daryl Kimball reports on the public statement from distinguished U.S. and Russian experts calling on U.S. and Russian officials to get back to the arms control negotiating table, with the first order of business being agreement on a five-year extension of the 2010 New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START).
  • Lawrence Weiler (1920-2019): Key Architect of the Global Disarmament and Nonproliferation Order
    March 15, 2019
    Executive director Daryl Kimball describes Larry Weiler's contributions to the history of arms control as ambassador, negotiator, and professor. Mr. Weiler passed away on Sunday, Feb. 24, 2019.
  • OPCW Confirms Chlorine Use. It’s Time to Assign Blame.
    March 12, 2019
    Chemical weapons were used in the April 2018 attack in Douma, Syria. Now we must identify who is to blame in order to hold them accountable and uphold the norm against using chemicals in conflict.
  • The Disappointing, But Not Devastating, “No Deal” Result at the Hanoi Summit (UPDATED)
    February 28, 2019
    Not only did the summit in Hanoi between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un fail to produce meaningful results, but Trump and his team have clearly squandered the seven months since the Singapore summit to make progress on even modest steps toward that meeting's lofty goals.
  • Controversy Over Nuclear Safety Board Scope and Size
    February 27, 2019
    The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB), in charge of overseeing the safety and security of U.S. nuclear weapons complex sites, is in the middle of a battle with the Department of Energy and Congress over its scope and size and its role as an independent oversight authority.
  • Select Reactions to the INF Treaty Crisis
    February 1, 2019
    The Trump administration’s sudden decision and announcement Oct. 20 to “terminate” the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty due to Russian violations of the treaty has been met with bipartisan and international concern. A collection of various reactions from international partners, members of Congress, and former national security policymakers is provided below and will be updated as further reactions arise.
  • How Can Norway, Sweden and Switzerland Stay Engaged with the TPNW?
    February 1, 2019
    Norway, Sweden and Switzerland have released reports recommending against ratifying the TPNW. How can these "disarmament bridge-builders" stay engaged with the treaty as non-states-parties?