ACA’s journal, Arms Control Today, remains the best in the market. Well focused. Solidly researched. Prudent.

– Hans Blix,
former IAEA Director-General

Reprint/Copyright Request Rates
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Please submit classroom usage requests to act (at) armscontrol.org and include "CLASSROOM PERMISSION REQUEST" in the email's subject line. Classroom usage is subject to fees, which are detailed below.

Classroom use:

Total reprint fee: ($.10 per page) x (number of pages in the article's print layout) x (number of copies/students).
Example: 50 copies of a four page article would be (4) x ($.10) x (50) = $20  Fees are for one time usage only.

Textbook and Periodical Reprint Rates:

Please submit textbook/periodical usage requests to act (at) armscontrol.org and include "TEXTBOOK or PERIODICAL PERMISSION REQUEST" in the email's subject line. Textbook and periodical usage is subject to one time usage fees, which are detailed below.

Articles including graphics or individual graphics (tables, charts, information graphics, etc.) alone: $300 for one time usage.


Requests for permission to translate and republish Arms Control Today articles for noncommercial purposes are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Jackie Barrientes at Jackie (at) armscontrol (dot) org with such requests.

Payment after invoice: International checks, money orders, and all traveler's checks must be payable in U.S. currency only and drawn on a U.S. bank. All listed reprint fees are U.S. currency. Those receiving permission to reprint material from ACT will be issued an invoice and must remit payment to the Arms Control Association within 30 days of receipt of invoice.

Editorial content from Arms Control Today (ACT) is available for reprint based on the following criteria and schedule of fees below. Certain restrictions apply.

    • All reprint requests are subject to the approval of the editor and publisher. Upon approval, all reprinted materials must be attributed to the Arms Control Association and/or the respective issue of ACT.
    • We encourage free online links to editorial content from ACT. Links may be accompanied by a brief synopsis of the article (100 words or less). Linked material must be attributed to the Arms Control Association and/or the respective issue of ACT.
  • On a discretionary basis, the Arms Control Association will permit full-text web reprinting of ACT articles based on a set schedule with applicable licensing fees, listed in the box directly below.*

60-day* Online Reprint Licensing Rates:

Visitors per month to the website (not specific webpage):

1-5,000: $300
5,000-50,000: $350
50,000-500,000: $500
More than 500,000: $1,000

*Arms Control Association intellectual property must be removed from licensee’s website upon completion of the licensing period.

For more information, contact:

April Brady
Design and Production Editor
april [at] armscontrol.org
Arms Control Today
1313 L Street, NW • Suite 130
Washington, DC 20005
Tel: 202.463.8270 ext. 109 • Fax: 202.463.8273



Posted: April 21, 2008