Arms Control Association Experts

The Arms Control Association can provide speakers and experts on a number of topics related to nuclear, chemical, conventional weapons, and strategies designed to advance arms control, nonproliferation, and disarmament. To arrange a media interview or speaking engagement, contact Tony Fleming, Director of Communications, at 202-463-8270 ext 110.

Washington, DC Staff

Daryl Kimball. Executive Director, Arms Control Association.           
Expertise: Chemical Weapons | Missiles & Missile Defense | Disarmament | Nuclear Testing | Nuclear Nonproliferation | U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy & Budget | Iran | North Korea | Russia | Treaties and Agreements
Kelsey Davenport. Director of Nonproliferation Policy, Arms Control Association.           
ExpertiseNuclear Nonproliferation | Nuclear Materials Security & Export Controls | Iran | North Korea | Treaties and Agreements

Other Available Experts

Thomas Countryman. Former Acting Undersecretary of Arms Control and International Security, Department of State.           
Expertise: Disarmament | Nuclear Nonproliferation | U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy & Budget | Treaties and Agreements
Michael Klare. Director, Five College Program in Peace and World Security Studies, Hampshire College.       
Expertise: Emerging Technologies | China
Rachel Stohl. Vice President of Research Programs, Stimson Center           
Expertise: Conventional Arms Control and Trade | Autonomous Lethal Weapons
Paul Walker. ACA Board Vice Chair; Director, Environmental Security & Sustainability, Green Cross International.           
Expertise: Chemical Weapons | Nuclear Materials Security & Export Controls | Russia | Syria | Treaties and Agreements