“What's really strikes me about ACA is the potential to shape the next generation of leaders on arms control and nuclear policy. This is something I witnessed firsthand as someone who was introduced to the field through ACA.”
– Alicia Sanders-Zakre
June 2, 2022
Inside the Arms Control Association

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  • White House National Security Advisor to Address ACA In Wake of Hiroshima Summit
    May 2023

    Sullivan will detail the President’s vision for heading off nuclear weapons competition, advancing nuclear arms control and nonproliferation measures, and reducing the risk of nuclear use. His remarks will come shortly after the Summit of G-7 Leaders on May 19-21 in Hiroshima, Japan, the target of the first atomic bombing.

  • Preventing Escalation of Russia’s War on Ukraine
    April 2023

    As Russia’s disastrous war against Ukraine enters its second year, the destruction and bloodshed continue. Despite the enormous human toll of the war, Moscow is still trying to seize more Ukrainian territory and Kyiv is still fighting hard to retake its Russian-occupied lands. 

  • Nuclear Arms Control at High Risk
    March 2023

    While Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to “suspend” implementation of New START does not mark the end of the treaty, his announcement makes it far more likely that, after New START expires in 2026, there will be no agreement limiting U.S. and Russian strategic nuclear arsenals for the first time since 1972.

  • A Pivotal Year Lies Ahead
    January 2023

    Since Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine last year, our work to reduce and eliminate the dangers posed by nuclear weapons has become even more challenging.

  • Moving the World Back from the Nuclear Brink
    December 2022

    This past year, we have been reminded that the nuclear weapons threat still hangs over all of us. Our collective actions today to move the world back from the nuclear brink and jumpstart effective disarmament diplomacy will affect international peace and security for years to come.