"[Arms Control Today] has become indispensable! I think it is the combination of the critical period we are in and the quality of the product. I found myself reading the May issue from cover to cover."

– Frank von Hippel
Co-Director of Program on Science and Global Security, Princeton University
June 1, 2018
Article Title Cited News Outlet News Date
Russia's Kherson Retreat Puts HIMARS In Range of Crucial Supply Route Gabriela Rosa Newsweek November 10, 2022
U.S. Working on 'Neutralizing' Russia's Nuclear Weapons—Defense Officials Arms Control Association Newsweek November 9, 2022
How HAWK Missile System Compares to Ukraine's Current Defense Options Gabriela Rosa Newsweek October 25, 2022
Ukraine Troops Finishing 'Mastery' of NASAMS, Awaiting Delivery: Official Gabriela Rosa Newsweek October 17, 2022
Biden's Air Defense Pledge to Ukraine May Not Be Realistic Gabriela Rosa Newsweek October 11, 2022
U.S.-Made Weapons Might Not Protect Ukraine From Nuclear Strike by Putin Daryl Kimball Newsweek October 6, 2022
Billions in U.S. Aid Vanished in Afghanistan, Will Ukraine Be the Same? Gabriela Rosa Newsweek August 15, 2022
Iran Nuclear Deal Endgame Near, U.S.-Russia Arms Control Falls Decades Back Kelsey Davenport Newsweek August 8, 2022
Russia Refuses to Answer if Nuclear War Could Start Over Ukraine Daryl Kimball Newsweek June 16, 2022
Russia Is Openly Talking About World War 3 for the First Time Daryl Kimball Newsweek April 26, 2022
Russia Brags Extension of New START Nuclear Arms Treaty With U.S. Is 'On Our Terms' Daryl Kimball Newsweek January 27, 2021
U.S. Says Russia Rejected Nuclear Treaty Talks Five times Despite Putin's Push for Deal Daryl Kimball Newsweek December 18, 2020
U.S. Must End Nuclear 'First Strike' Policy | Opinion Kingston Reif Newsweek August 24, 2020
House Bill Would Block Trump's Plan to Resume Testing of Nuclear Weapons Daryl Kimball Newsweek July 7, 2020
Donald Trump is Failing to Save the Last U.S., Russia Arms Control Deal, Experts Say Daryl Kimball Newsweek December 10, 2019
Putin Takes Swipe at Trump for Withdrawing from Nuclear Treaty: 'It Was Not Worth Ruining' Arms Control Association Newsweek October 14, 2019
Russia Flies Nuclear-Capable Bombers to Region Nearest to Alaksa Arms Control Association Newsweek August 14, 2019
Iran Threatens to Execute Suspected U.S. Spies Daryl Kimball Newsweek July 2, 2019
Trump Administration Accusations That Russia Violated Nuclear Treaty Are a 'Cover Up,' Moscow Claims Arms Control Association Newsweek June 17, 2019
Donald Trump's North Korea Strategy Is Not Working With Iran Kelsey Davenport Newsweek May 23, 2019
Trump is Helping Saudi Arabia go Nuclear. Does the Middle East need an Arms Race? Thomas Countryman Newsweek April 12, 2019
Trump Ditching Our Nuclear Treaty With Russia Betrays Reagan’s Legacy—And Endangers The World Arms Control Association Newsweek February 1, 2019
Russia Successfully Tests Weapon That Travels 27 Times Speed of Sound And Renders Missile Defense Systems ‘Useless’—Officials Arms Control Association Newsweek December 28, 2018
North and South Korean Leaders Embrace Each Other as Korean Summer Begins, Denuclearization and Improved Ties Most Critical Issues Daryl Kimball Newsweek September 18, 2018