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Article Title Cited News Source News Date
Trump’s diplomacy with Kim dims as both sides return to hard-line positions Daryl G. Kimball The Washington Post March 11, 2019
An Interview with Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins, Founder of Women of Color Advancing Peace Security and Conflict Transformation Bonnie Jenkins The Politic (Yale University) March 11, 2019
Arms sales to Middle East have increased dramatically, new research shows Jeff Abramson Middle East Eye March 10, 2019
A top Trump official may have just doomed US-North Korea talks Daryl G. Kimball Vox March 8, 2019
Biological and chemical weapons: the other threats from North Korea Paul F. Walker Military Times March 8, 2019
Trump Is Sending Guns South as Migrants Flee North Jeff Abramson Foreign Policy March 8, 2019
North Korea Restoring the Sohae Missile Test Site Daryl G. Kimball Al Jazeera March 6, 2019
Check Your Archives: You Might Rediscover Your Most Influential Moment Arms Control Association Association News March 6, 2019
Activity at North Korean launch site sours Trump’s post-Hanoi honeymoon with Kim Daryl G. Kimball Washington Post March 6, 2019
Russia’s New Missiles Are Aimed at the U.S. Kingston Reif Foreign Policy March 5, 2019
Bringing back the Cold War rivalry! Are US and Russia moving towards ‘active aggression’ Arms Control Association Financial Express March 5, 2019
North Korea: What’s Next For Nuclear Diplomacy After the Trump-Kim Summit Ends in Failure Kelsey Davenport UN Dispatch March 4, 2019
Team Trump Keeps Pushing Deal to Send Nuclear Tech to Saudis Daryl G. Kimball Daily Beast March 4, 2019
What are Russia's winning odds if it strikes US military command centers? Daryl G. Kimball China Military March 4, 2019
Thomas Countryman on U.S.-North Korea Summit Thomas Countryman C-Span Washington Journal March 3, 2019
Trump's Decision to "Walk" from Nuclear Talks Undercut His Own Diplomats Daryl G. Kimball Vice News March 1, 2019
Trump-Kim summit ends early, leaders leave with no nuclear deal Daryl G. Kimball ThinkProgress February 28, 2019
Abrupt end of summit may have exposed limits of Trump’s strategy on Kim Daryl G. Kimball Washington Post February 28, 2019
Critics, supporters call Trump's rejection of North Korea deal a win Thomas Countryman Washington Times February 28, 2019
Does a Nuclear-Armed Saudi Make the World a Safer Place? Kingston Reif Al Bawaba News February 28, 2019