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August 27, 2018
The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Outlet News Date
Kim Jong Un's erratic behavior shows North Korea is stuck Arms Control Association Bloomberg June 24, 2020
New IAEA resolution signals more uncertainty for the Iran nuclear accord's future Kelsey Davenport Responsible Statecraft June 24, 2020
U.S. and Russia hold arms talks with little sign of accord Daryl Kimball Japan Times, The June 23, 2020
Trump Administration Weighs Extending New START Nuclear Treaty Kingston Reif Wall Street Journal, The June 23, 2020
HASC takes up defense policy bill today Kingston Reif Politico June 22, 2020
Opening Nuclear Talks With Russia, U.S. May Also Be Ending Them Daryl Kimball Moscow Times, The June 20, 2020
Jeff Abramson on America’s Bloody Arms Industry Jeff Abramson Scott Horton Show, The June 19, 2020
Hill recoils at proposed cut to Pentagon anti-pandemic effort Kingston Reif Hill, The June 19, 2020
What a new cold war with China means for you Michael Klare Business Insider June 17, 2020
Congress Should Include Provision in 2021 NDAA to Ban Nuclear Test Funding – Advocacy Group Arms Control Association Sputnik June 16, 2020
When Old Age Catches Up, Even Nuclear Weapons Go into Retirement Daryl Kimball Inter Press Service June 16, 2020
SASC sets aside funds for nuclear test preparations Kingston Reif Politico June 16, 2020
Senate panel approves $10M to prepare for nuclear test 'if necessary' Daryl Kimball Hill, The June 15, 2020
Trump's Way of Killing The Iran Nuclear Deal Will 'Do Irreparable Damage' to The UN Security Council Kelsey Davenport Al Bawaba June 13, 2020
Keep nuclear testing off the table Daryl Kimball, Michael Klare Boston Globe, The June 13, 2020
Trump Rushes to Kill Off Iran Nuclear Deal Before Election Kelsey Davenport Foreign Policy June 12, 2020
Protesting During Covid-19: The Unexpected Health Side Effects Kelsey Davenport Abstract, The June 11, 2020
The new Cold War with China is intensifying — and we could all feel the costs Michael Klare Alternet June 11, 2020
Debating US nuclear spending in the age of the coronavirus Kingston Reif Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists June 10, 2020
China Again Declines To Join Arms-Control Talks With U.S., Russia Arms Control Association Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty June 10, 2020