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– Hans Blix,
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The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Source News Date
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Gen. John Hyten assumes leadership of StratCom today - then he'll confront an array of unprecedented threats Omaha World-Herald November 3, 2016
A millennial's vote to ban the bomb Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists November 3, 2016
US, Chinese nuclear security policy have key differences, particularly on deterrence CNBC October 31, 2016
PRI's The World: Latest Edition NPR October 29, 2016
Russia's Chemical Weapon Stockpile Will Be Completely Destroyed By End of 2017, Top Moscow Official Says International Business Times October 27, 2016
Pyongyang Has Persisted with Missile and Nuclear Tests BBC World Service October 25, 2016
Efforts to Persuade North Korea to Give Up Nuclear Weapons are Probably Lost Cause BBC World Service October 25, 2016
Rethinking Nuclear Policy: Taking Stock of The Stockpile Arms Control Association Foreign Affairs October 23, 2016