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The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Source News Date
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Iran deal: State Department nuclear expert quits after Trump withdraws US from agreement Laure Kennedy The Independent May 12, 2018
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Trump's Iran decision won’t stop North Korea talks, but it might raise the price Kelsey Davenport Washington Post May 9, 2018
Watchdog: Trump's Decision to Exit From Iran Deal May Provoke Nuclear Crisis Kelsey Davenport Sputnik May 9, 2018
Interview with NHK on Iran Deal Daryl G. Kimball NHK May 9, 2018
Europe should make every effort to preserve the nuclear agreement with Iran Thomas Countryman RIA Novosti May 9, 2018
Watchdog: Trump's Decision to Exit From Iran Deal May Provoke Nuclear Crisis Kelsey Davenport Sputnik International May 9, 2018
European powers try to save Iran N-deal after US exit Daryl G. Kimball South Asian Times May 9, 2018
EU rushes to arrange crisis meeting with Iran over nuclear deal Kelsey Davenport The Guardian May 9, 2018
Cluster Munitions and Rearming for Great Power Competition Daryl G. Kimball War on the Rocks May 9, 2018
Meet the Scientists Keeping a Global Watch for Nuclear Explosions Arms Control Association The Verge May 9, 2018
Analysis: Trump's withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal isolates US Daryl G. Kimball Al Jazeera May 9, 2018
Trump just opened the door for Iran to expand its nuclear capabilities Daryl G. Kimball The Hill May 9, 2018