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The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Source News Date
Paranoia and Defense Planning: Why Language Matters When Talking About Nuclear Weapons Arms Control Association War on the Rocks October 10, 2018
US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley steps down as Trump lauds her work with North Korea Daryl G. Kimball South China Morning Post October 9, 2018
Pompeo Should Press Kim On Signing Nuclear Treaty - US Arms Control Assoc. Arms Control Association Urdu Point October 6, 2018
Mike Pompeo heads to North Korea with low expectations, but high pressure Daryl G. Kimball ABC News October 6, 2018
INF treaty compliance issues should be solved at presidential level — US expert Daryl G. Kimball TASS October 5, 2018
Arms race: The case for a no-first-use policy Daryl G. Kimball The Financial Express October 5, 2018
Vienna, home to UN nuclear watchdog agency, may hold key to US-North Korea deal Thomas Countryman South China Morning Post October 4, 2018
U.S. Defense Secretary says Russian violation of arms control treaty 'untenable' Kingston Reif Reuters October 4, 2018
US Nato envoy's threat to Russia: stop developing missile or we'll 'take it out' Daryl G. Kimball The Guardian October 2, 2018
Trump administration touts 33% increase in foreign arms sales Rachel Stohl WRAL October 1, 2018
Space Force: smoke and mirrors or a flight to war in space? Philip Coyle Asia Times September 30, 2018
‘We fell in love’: Trump touts bromance with North Korea’s Kim Daryl G. Kimball The Japan Times September 30, 2018
Trump's 'America first' agenda meant America was mostly alone at the U.N. Daryl G. Kimball Los Angeles Times September 28, 2018
Trump: New Sanctions Will Force Iran Back to Nuclear Talks Thomas Countryman VOA News September 27, 2018
Trump Takes UN Security Council Gavel, Knocks Iran Further Thomas Countryman VOA News September 26, 2018
Trump Seeks International Support on Iran, but Finds Little Daryl G. Kimball Wall Street Journal September 26, 2018
EU want to continue economic cooperation with Iran: Bunn Matthew Bunn Tehran Times September 26, 2018
Iran president: Trump’s UN speech shows his ‘Nazi disposition’ Thomas Countryman ThinkProgress September 25, 2018
Fact-Checking Trump’s Speech to the United Nations Arms Control Association New York Times September 25, 2018
Moon, Trump agree progress being made on North Korea Thomas Countryman United Press International September 24, 2018