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August 27, 2018
The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Outlet News Date
Assassination of Iranian scientist won't halt Iran's nuclear program, experts say Kelsey Davenport NBC December 1, 2020
Why some liberals and arms-control experts are backing war profiteers for Biden's Cabinet Daryl Kimball, Thomas Countryman Salon December 1, 2020
Why the Assassination of a Scientist Will Have No Impact on Iran’s Nuclear Program Daryl Kimball New Yorker, The November 30, 2020
Is jobs-rich nuclear plant in jeopardy? Biden expected to re-examine SC factory Kingston Reif State, The November 27, 2020
Pit production makes inspector general’s list of Energy Department challenges Kingston Reif Aiken Standard November 26, 2020
Biden urged to extend U.S.-Russia arms treaty for full 5 years without conditions Daryl Kimball Reuters November 25, 2020
Biden, Democrats to scale back nukes Arms Control Association Washington Times, The November 25, 2020
Trump is junking a treaty—and two planes—designed to stop nuclear war Kingston Reif Quartz November 24, 2020
In First, Air Force Flies B-1 Bomber with Externally Mounted Stealthy Cruise Missile Kingston Reif Military.com November 24, 2020
Is the Pullout From the Open Skies Treaty Trump's Parting Gift to Putin? Kingston Reif Background Briefing with Ian Masters November 24, 2020
Trump is burning down everything he can on the way out Daryl Kimball Daily Kos November 24, 2020
Trump Exits Open Skies Treaty, Moves to Discard Observation Planes Kingston Reif Wall Street Journal, The November 22, 2020
Trump Pulls Out Of Military Transparency Treaty with Russia, Europe Arms Control Association Daily Caller November 22, 2020
US Election Results Confirm Deep Division In American Society Greg Thielmann Eurasia Review November 20, 2020
If Biden’s Serious About Bringing Back Diplomacy, He Should Make These Appointments Thomas Countryman Eurasia Review November 17, 2020
Nowhere on Earth Will Be Safe from a U.S.-China War Arms Control Association National Interest, The November 13, 2020
Trump was great for Netanyahu. Biden will be better for Israel. Arms Control Association Washington Post, The November 12, 2020
Is It Mere Spite—or Something More Sinister? Michael Klare Nation, The November 11, 2020
UN watchdog: Iran producing uranium in excess of nuclear deal limits Arms Control Association Hill, The November 11, 2020
Biden should embrace the humanitarian disarmament agenda Jeff Abramson Defense News November 11, 2020