"I actually have a pretty good collection of Arms Control Today, which I have read throughout my career. It's one of the few really serious publications on arms control issues."

– Gary Samore
Former White House Coordinator for Arms Control and WMD Terrorism
The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Outlet News Date
Are North Korea’s nuclear weapons a real threat to the West? Arms Control Association Week, The April 27, 2022
'Pouring Oil on the Fire': Lavrov Warns Flow of Western Arms to Ukraine Risks Nuclear War Daryl Kimball Common Dreams April 26, 2022
Russia Is Openly Talking About World War 3 for the First Time Daryl Kimball Newsweek April 26, 2022
Ministry of Defence refuses to say whether US nukes are returning to British soil Daryl Kimball Independent, The (UK) April 26, 2022
U.S. State Dept backs ammunition sale for Ukraine - statement Jeff Abramson Reuters April 25, 2022
The New Nuclear Reality Daryl Kimball New Yorker, The April 23, 2022
How deadly is Putin's nuclear 'Satan 2' missile? Arms Control Association Live Science April 22, 2022
US to send more heavy artillery, ammunition and drones to Ukraine Jeff Abramson Al Jazeera English April 21, 2022
Experts urge return to Iran nuclear deal as prospects dim Arms Control Association Washington Post, The April 21, 2022
Ukraine’s Nuclear Flashpoints Daryl Kimball Nation, The April 20, 2022
US and China prepare to tackle dangerous scenarios over the Taiwan issue Daryl Kimball TRT (Turkey) April 19, 2022
Russia’s War in Ukraine Has Shattered the Old World Order Michael Klare Nation, The April 18, 2022
Ukrainians Used Cluster Bombs in Russian-Controlled Village Jeff Abramson Common Dreams April 18, 2022
War in Ukraine generates interest in nuclear energy, despite danger Daryl Kimball Washington Post, The April 15, 2022
UK military vaults upgraded to store new US nuclear weapons Daryl Kimball Guardian, The April 12, 2022
The Long-Lasting Danger of Cluster Bomb Use Jeff Abramson Common Dreams April 11, 2022
U.S. Tested Hypersonic Missile in March But Kept Quiet to Avoid Antagonizing Russia: Report Arms Control Association Gizmodo April 5, 2022
Not-So-Great Powers on a Dangerous Planet Michael Klare Tomdispatch April 3, 2022
Is Russia About To Use Nuclear Weapons In Ukraine? Probably Not. Daryl Kimball Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty April 2, 2022
Russia’s War in Ukraine Has Shattered the Old World Order Michael Klare Nation, The March 31, 2022