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– Frank Klotz
former Administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration
March 7, 2018
The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Source News Date
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Trump lifts US restrictions on anti-personnel landmines Arms Control Association Dawn February 2, 2020
US lifts restrictions on 'smart' landmines Jeff Abramson Deutsche Welle February 1, 2020
Trump shifts to authorize wider US military use of landmines Daryl G. Kimball Associated Press January 31, 2020
Trump administration reverses Obama-era restrictions on land mines Daryl G. Kimball Washington Post, The January 31, 2020
Catholics offer moral arguments to defuse 'new nuclear arms race' Thomas Countryman Catholic Philly January 30, 2020
The US has a backup plan to kill the Iran nuclear deal. It could spark a crisis at the UN. Julia Masterson Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist January 30, 2020
Trump Administration Expected to Loosen Military's Limits on Land Mines Jeff Abramson New York Times, The January 30, 2020
Trump administration to upend Obama-era restrictions on landmines: sources Daryl G. Kimball Reuters January 30, 2020
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