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Article Title Cited News Source News Date
No, Bill Clinton did not give North Korea $3 billion for nothing, as Donald Trump said Kingston Reif PolitiFact June 13, 2018
‘Major Disarmament’ Expected in North Korea Within Trump’s First Term, Pompeo Says Kelsey Davenport New York Times June 13, 2018
Lingering questions from the Trump-Kim summit Daryl G. Kimball CNN June 13, 2018
Trump's pledge to stop 'provocative' military exercises provokes alarm and confusion in Seoul and Washington Thomas Countryman CNN June 13, 2018
Trump-Kim summit generates momentum, hard diplomacy lies ahead Daryl G. Kimball Al Jazeera June 13, 2018
Analysts: Trump's surprise 'war games' statement was hasty Daryl G. Kimball, Kelsey Davenport, Thomas Countryman United Press International June 13, 2018
What would denuclearizing North Korea look like Daryl G. Kimball CBS June 13, 2018
The Art of the Deal? Obama’s With Iran Was Much Better Than Trump’s With North Korea Daryl G. Kimball Daily Beast June 12, 2018
The US and North Korea now need to put broad themes into action Daryl G. Kimball CNBC June 12, 2018
With Misleading Claims, Trump Dismisses 1994 North Korea Nuclear Deal Kelsey Davenport New York Times June 12, 2018
Trump surprises with pledge to end military exercises in South Korea Thomas Countryman Reuters June 12, 2018
Ex-diplomats offer mixed takes on Donald Trump-Kim Jong Un summit Arms Control Association Mass Live June 12, 2018
The good and the bad from Trump’s North Korea summit Daryl G. Kimball Washington Post June 12, 2018
Summit brings concessions, vague promises; Yemen war set to escalate; Trump Doctrine, defined; US opens not-quite-embassy in Taiwan; and just a bit more… Kingston Reif Defense One June 12, 2018
Daryl Kimball on U.S.-North Korea Summit Daryl G. Kimball C-SPAN June 12, 2018
Proposed stealth fighter for Japan could be aided by a cozy relationship between Lockheed Martin rep and top Pentagon official for East Asia Jeff Abramson Sludge June 12, 2018
Trump’s North Korea Deal Is Different, and Not in a Good Way Daryl G. Kimball Bloomberg June 12, 2018
'Now the real work begins:' Experts weigh in on Trump-Kim nuclear pledge Kelsey Davenport CNBC June 12, 2018
The Trump-Kim Summit Has Already Affected Some Countries Thomas Countryman US News June 12, 2018
All the Times North Korea Promised to Denuclearize Arms Control Association Wired June 12, 2018