"[Arms Control Today] has become indispensable! I think it is the combination of the critical period we are in and the quality of the product. I found myself reading the May issue from cover to cover."

– Frank von Hippel
Co-Director of Program on Science and Global Security, Princeton University
The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Source News Date
US: Iran Should Still Comply With Nuke Deal Trump Derided Arms Control Association e-News.US July 17, 2019
Røpet hemmelige atom-detaljer Kingston Reif Dagbladet July 17, 2019
Secret locations of U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe accidentally included in report from NATO parliament Kingston Reif The Washington Post July 16, 2019
Can Russia and America Avoid a New Nuclear Arms Race? Daryl G. Kimball The National Interest July 16, 2019
Autonomous Weapons Systems And Laws of War Michael Klare Law and Disorder July 15, 2019
US, Russian delegations to discuss arms control in Geneva Daryl G. Kimball Associated Press July 15, 2019
Note to Trump: Iran Would Need 1 Year to Build a Nuclear Weapon Kelsey Davenport The National Interest July 14, 2019
Not One GOP Vote For House NDAA; End Of Bipartisanship? Breaking Defense July 12, 2019
The Missing Three-Letter Word in the Iran Crisis Michael Klare Tom Dispatch July 11, 2019
House Adopts Sherman Amendment to Prevent Saudi Arabia from Developing a Nuclear Weapon Arms Control Association Congressman Brad Sherman July 11, 2019
Nuclear diplomacy: Donald Trump risks undoing decades of nuclear arms control Daryl G. Kimball The Economist July 9, 2019
The State Of The Deal: How The Numbers On Iran's Nuclear Program Stack Up Daryl G. Kimball Radio Free Europe July 9, 2019
The Impact: Iran Breaches Nuclear Deal Kelsey Davenport The Iran Primer July 8, 2019
Daryl Kimball on Iran's Nuclear Program Daryl G. Kimball C-SPAN July 7, 2019
Iran nuclear deal: Government announces enrichment breach Arms Control Association BBC July 7, 2019
Iran steps further from nuke deal, adding pressure on Europe Daryl G. Kimball Associated Press July 7, 2019
Iran nuclear deal: Macron and Rouhani agree to look at conditions for talks Arms Control Association BBC July 6, 2019
Daryl Kimball Discusses Iran's Nuclear Program Daryl G. Kimball C-SPAN July 3, 2019
U.N. watchdog confirms Iran has breached nuclear deal stockpile limit Daryl G. Kimball The Washington Post July 3, 2019
Iran Threatens to Execute Suspected U.S. Spies Daryl G. Kimball Newsweek July 2, 2019