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The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Source News Date
Trump, Congress play game of chicken with Iran Kelsey Davenport Al-Monitor October 13, 2017
Wilson School Researchers Involved in ICAN’s Nobel Peace Prize-Winning Work to Abolish Nuclear Weapons Zia Mian Woodrow Wilson School News October 13, 2017
New Guam threat as North Korea still weighs powerful hydrogen test over Pacific Kelsey Davenport CNBC October 13, 2017
Is Sen. Bob Corker responsible for the Iran deal, as Donald Trump claims? Kelsey Davenport Politifact October 12, 2017
Preventing World War III While There’s Still Time Michael Klare The Nation October 12, 2017
Trump says he wants nuclear arsenal in 'tip-top shape,' denies desire to increase stockpile Daryl G. Kimball CNN October 11, 2017
Judy Asks: Should the Iran Deal Be Scrapped? Kelsey Davenport Carnegie Europe October 11, 2017
“Insanity and folly”: experts on Trump’s proposal to build tens of thousands of nukes Kingston Reif Vox October 11, 2017
Trump wanted nearly ten times the number of nuclear weapons: report Arms Control Association New York Daily News October 11, 2017
Trump is expected to decertify the Iran nuclear deal on Friday — but he may not scrap it entirely Daryl G. Kimball CNBC October 11, 2017
U.S.-Turkey tensions boil over after arrest of consulate employee Kingston Reif The Washington Post October 9, 2017
Iran Nuclear Deal: Kingston Reif talks to TRT World Kingston Reif TRT World October 6, 2017
The Nobel Peace Prize Goes to Anti-Bomb Idealists Daryl G. Kimball The New Yorker October 6, 2017
Trump wins, Congress loses with Iran deal politics Kelsey Davenport CNN October 6, 2017
Trump's overhaul of US nuclear weapons policy may make nuclear war more likely Kingston Reif Business Insider October 6, 2017
The enormous cost of more nuclear weapons Arms Control Association, Andy Weber, Philip Coyle Salon October 5, 2017
American Mobile Nuclear Missile Launchers Is a Really Bad Idea Arms Control Association The National Interest October 3, 2017
Trump Goes Rogue on Iran Kelsey Davenport Bloomberg Businessweek September 29, 2017
The US intends to liquidate its chemical weapons by the end of 2023 Daryl G. Kimball TASS September 28, 2017
How should the United States respond to North Korea? Thomas Countryman CBC Power & Politics September 28, 2017