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Article Title Cited News Source News Date
Park Strategies' King, Arms Control's Kimball on Trump-Kim Summit Daryl G. Kimball Bloomberg June 12, 2018
So the Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un handshake happened. Now what? Kelsey Davenport PolitiFact June 12, 2018
U.S. drone-strike policy threatens to backfire as other nations acquire technology Rachel Stohl The Washington Times June 11, 2018
Nuclear Tests Through the Years: From WWII to Kim Jong Un Arms Control Association Bloomberg June 11, 2018
Korea summit poses opportunity and risk for Trump Kelsey Davenport Anadolu Agency June 11, 2018
The ‘Libya model’ almost derailed North Korean nuclear talks. So what about the ‘South African model’? Kelsey Davenport Washington Post June 11, 2018
US needs a tough N Korea deal, but not because of Iran Daryl G. Kimball Bloomberg June 11, 2018
President Trump and Kim Jong Un Are Preparing to Finally Meet. Here's What to Know About Their Singapore Summit Kelsey Davenport TIME June 11, 2018
Hold Your Breath: With U.S.-North Korea Summit Beginning Could Decades of Acrimony be Shelved? Kelsey Davenport Al Bawaba June 11, 2018
Trump's unlikely allies on North Korea talks — progressive Democrats Thomas Countryman McClatchy June 11, 2018
'A great honor’: In a bid for history, Trump flatters North Korea’s totalitarian leader Kelsey Davenport Washington Post June 11, 2018
With smiles and a handshake, Trump and Kim could mask gulf on nuclear arms Daryl G. Kimball Washington Post June 11, 2018
A nuclear-powered summit Arms Control Association AFP June 10, 2018
North Korea's Kim enjoys Singapore sites on eve of historic summit with Trump Kelsey Davenport Reuters June 10, 2018
New Army 'Vision' seeks long-range precision missiles, hypersonics and artillery Arms Control Association Fox News June 9, 2018
Trump joins dog pile on Senate Democrats over their 'delusional' demands for the North Korea summit Kelsey Davenport Business Insider June 8, 2018
Trump's goal of total 'denuclearization' of North Korea is a long shot Daryl G. Kimball USA Today June 7, 2018
N. Korea Denuclearization Could Cost $20 Billion Daryl G. Kimball Voice of America June 6, 2018
Democrats demand oversight of Trump-Kim summit — but may also be setting “unrealistic expectations” Kelsey Davenport Mic June 5, 2018
Iran informs UN of increase in nuclear enrichment capacity Arms Control Association Associated Press June 5, 2018