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Senate fails to override Trump's veto of Saudi arms deal in new setback for kingdom's critics Jeff Abramson USA Today July 29, 2019
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Tear gas: 'Harsh, terrifying' and legal to use on civilians (and migrants) Kelsey Davenport USA Today November 27, 2018
Donald Trump thinks things are 'going well' with North Korea - others are skeptical Daryl Kimball USA Today July 3, 2018
Trump's goal of total 'denuclearization' of North Korea is a long shot Daryl Kimball USA Today June 7, 2018
Donald Trump, North Korea's Kim Jong Un will likely save the details for after the summit Daryl Kimball USA Today June 4, 2018
Mike Pompeo: U.S. to maintain sanctions, diplomatic pressure against North Korea Kelsey Davenport USA Today May 24, 2018
North Korea's dismantled nuclear weapons could eventually end up in Oak Ridge Daryl Kimball USA Today May 14, 2018
What is the Iran nuclear deal? Key questions and answers about the deal and its future Daryl Kimball USA Today May 9, 2018
Donald Trump pulls the United States out of the nuclear deal with Iran, renews sanctions Kelsey Davenport USA Today May 8, 2018
U.S. missile defense plans to zap North Korean threats Kingston Reif USA Today July 17, 2017
Tillerson: Iran complying with nuclear deal but causing trouble elsewhere Kelsey Davenport USA Today April 19, 2017