"The Arms Control Association’s work is an important resource to legislators and policymakers when contemplating a new policy direction or decision."

– General John Shalikashvili
former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Source News Date
Trump Pulls Out of Arms Treaty During Speech at N.R.A. Convention Thomas Countryman The New York Times April 26, 2019
Trump pulls out of arms control treaty opposed by NRA Daryl G. Kimball Yahoo Finance April 26, 2019
Trump orders staff to prepare arms-control push with Russia and China Daryl G. Kimball The Washington Post April 25, 2019
New missile gap leaves U.S. scrambling to counter China Arms Control Association REUTERS April 25, 2019
SPECIAL REPORT: Would Space-Based Interceptors Spark a New Arms Race? Kingston Reif National Defense Magazine April 24, 2019
Nuclear Deterrence (Brookings Institution event) Laura Kennedy, Thomas Countryman C-SPAN April 24, 2019
SPECIAL REPORT: The Legacy of the Strategic Defense Initiative Kingston Reif National Defense Magazine April 23, 2019
Trump admin mulls more sanctions that could threaten safeguards on Iran's nuclear program Kelsey Davenport CNN April 23, 2019
[INTERVIEW] 'Phased steps can build trust with North Korea' Kelsey Davenport The Korea Times April 22, 2019
New Attempt to Tackle Nuclear Proliferation Threat in the Middle East Kelsey Davenport InDepthNews April 21, 2019
Angela Kane Joins Arms Control Association’s Board Arms Control Association Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation April 19, 2019
Global Strike Command Leader Expects Cost of New ICBM to Increase in Short Term Arms Control Association Exchange Monitor April 18, 2019
NTI President Joan Rohlfing at the ACA’s Annual Meeting: “Extend New START Without Conditions” Arms Control Association Nuclear Threat Initiative April 18, 2019
Is the Trump Administration Helping the Saudis Build a Bomb? Thomas Countryman CATO Institute April 18, 2019
New Nuclear Missiles’ Cost Estimate Changes Again Kingston Reif Defense One April 17, 2019
China militarizing deep sea Arms Control Association The Washington Times April 17, 2019
Is the Trump Administration Helping the Saudis Build a Bomb? Thomas Countryman Taking on Issues April 17, 2019
Taliban going for the win in Afghanistan Arms Control Association Washington Examiner April 15, 2019
No surprise: Congress misses April 15 budget outline deadline Kingston Reif FOX News April 15, 2019
Time to panic about the defense budget? Arms Control Association Politico April 15, 2019