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The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Outlet News Date
Biden Looks for a New, New START Kingston Reif Foreign Policy June 22, 2021
No, Hypersonic Missile Defense Is Not Impossible Kingston Reif National Interest, The June 19, 2021
US to pull Patriot batteries from key MidEast countries - report Arms Control Association Jerusalem Post, The June 19, 2021
North Korea's Kim Jong Un opens door for dialogue with Biden Arms Control Association Bloomberg June 17, 2021
Arms Control Group: New US-Russia START Follow-On Talks Must Have Transparency Agreement Daryl Kimball Sputnik June 16, 2021
Biden goes to Geneva in search of stable, predictable relations with Russia Daryl Kimball TASS June 15, 2021
Biden and Putin expected to make headway on nuclear talks Daryl Kimball Politico June 15, 2021
Biden, Putin can save Open Skies treaty | Commentary Thomas Countryman Orlando Sentinel June 15, 2021
Why Is Joe Biden Keeping Trump’s Nuclear Expansion Plans in Place? Kingston Reif Mother Jones June 14, 2021
Why Biden and Putin Should Restart Talks on Strategic Stability and Nuclear Arms Control Daryl Kimball Just Security June 14, 2021
China’s rise colors Biden-Putin summit Arms Control Association Washington Times, The June 14, 2021
Ahead of face-to-face meeting, Biden and Putin remain far apart on the facts Daryl Kimball PolitiFact June 14, 2021
If Neither America Nor China Want War, are They Doomed to Fight? Arms Control Association National Interest, The June 13, 2021
Russian, US experts urge Putin and Biden to launch regular dialogue on strategic stability Arms Control Association TASS June 8, 2021
Opinion: The first step to ensure a nonnuclear Iran Daryl Kimball Washington Post, The June 8, 2021
Biden would slash Pentagon money for pandemic prevention Kingston Reif Roll Call June 8, 2021
Putin signs law ending Russia's Open Skies treaty with the US Arms Control Association FOX June 7, 2021
Congress must stop the march toward war with China Arms Control Association The Hill June 4, 2021
Before US-Russia summit, measure demands any new missile treaties include China Kingston Reif Defense News June 2, 2021
Biden goes ‘full steam ahead’ on Trump’s nuclear expansion despite campaign rhetoric Kingston Reif Politico June 2, 2021
U.S. Navy Funds New Submarine-Launched Nuclear Cruise Missile Biden Called ‘A Bad Idea’ Kingston Reif Forbes June 2, 2021
U.S. tells Russia it won't rejoin arms control pact that was 'undermined by Russian violations' Kingston Reif NBC May 27, 2021
Two Weapons That Shouldn’t Be In The Pentagon’s New Budget Kingston Reif Forbes May 27, 2021
Russia publishes nuclear arms numbers, accuses U.S. of misleading data Arms Control Association United Press International May 25, 2021
Skyborg test raises new questions of human-AI power balance Michael Klare Washington Times, The May 20, 2021