The Arms Control Association is an "exceptional organization that effectively addresses pressing national and international challenges with an impact that is disproportionate to its small size." 

– John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
January 19, 2011
The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Source News Date
American-Made Nuclear Tech May Soon Be Saturating Middle East Grey Markets Kingston Reif Al Bawaba April 3, 2019
2020 Trump Budget Aims to Boost U.S. Nuclear Capabilities Kingston Reif InDepthNews April 3, 2019
India Has Long Way To Go US Pros On Space Security Following ASAT Test Daryl G. Kimball The Newsmates April 2, 2019
UN Confirms Iran's Compliance with Nuclear Agreement Arms Control Association Prensa Latina April 2, 2019
The NPT & Conditions for Nuclear Disarmament Daryl G. Kimball Inter Press Sevice April 1, 2019
Trump administration OKs nuclear energy transfers to Saudi Arabia, sparking new battle with Congress Thomas Countryman CNBC News March 29, 2019
Rep. Ilhan Omar Challenges Trump Admin Rule Easing Overseas Gun Sales Jeff Abramson Democracy Now March 28, 2019
India still has long way to go on ensuring space security: US experts Daryl G. Kimball Business Standard March 28, 2019
Analysts Fear Tensions in Space After India Tests Anti-Satellite Missile Daryl G. Kimball Sputnik News March 28, 2019
India's Anti-Satellite Test Wasn't Really About Satellites Daryl G. Kimball WIRED March 27, 2019
Rep. Ilhan Omar slams new Trump policy to ease weapons sales overseas Jeff Abramson Fox News March 27, 2019
Pro/con: Scrap the arms race, use the money to benefit Americans, Russians Arms Control Association Duluth News Tribune March 24, 2019
North Koreans prepare for ‘hardship’ as Trump administration struggles to explain sanctions Daryl G. Kimball ThinkProgress March 24, 2019
Fight over America’s nuclear arsenal heats up in Congress Kingston Reif Defense News March 23, 2019
Making Nuclear Weapons Menacing Again Michael Klare The Nation March 21, 2019
Carnegie Corporation Awards $19.7 Million in Grants Arms Control Association Philanthropy News Digest March 19, 2019
You can now add nuclear weapons to the list of things to start worrying about again Arms Control Association MinnPost March 18, 2019
A budding nuclear threat, from more than just the usual suspects Daryl G. Kimball The Christian Science Monitor March 14, 2019
Pentagon Wants to Test A Space-Based Weapon in 2023 Kingston Reif Defense One March 14, 2019
After Treaty’s Demise, Pentagon Will Develop Two New Midrange Weapons Daryl G. Kimball Wall Street Journal March 13, 2019