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August 27, 2018
Article Title Cited News Outlet News Date
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Demonstration of Russia's New Avangard System to US Specialists was Expected -- Expert Daryl Kimball TASS November 26, 2019
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New START should be extended before new arms control deal is struck, experts says Daryl Kimball TASS June 28, 2019
No unanimity among US intelligence community over claims of nuclear test in Russia - expert Daryl Kimball TASS June 14, 2019
US never publicly provided any evidence of Russia's violation of CTBT — experts Arms Control Association TASS May 30, 2019
Expert welcomes US-Russia hashing over options for nuclear arms control Daryl Kimball TASS May 15, 2019
Russia’s new strategic weapons don't fall under limits of New START Treaty, says envoy Arms Control Association TASS April 15, 2019
Potential for joint disarmament efforts far from being exhausted: Russia’s envoy to US Arms Control Association TASS April 15, 2019
INF treaty compliance issues should be solved at presidential level — US expert Daryl Kimball TASS October 5, 2018
US wants to limit Russia’s use of new technologies under Open Skies Treaty, expert says Daryl Kimball TASS August 16, 2018
Assad spoke highly of Soviet weapons after Syria strike - Russian lawmaker Daryl Kimball TASS April 15, 2018
What does the U.S. nuclear triad consist of? Arms Control Association TASS November 21, 2017
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The US intends to liquidate its chemical weapons by the end of 2023 Daryl Kimball TASS September 28, 2017