Become a Scoville Fellow with the Arms Control Association

The Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship pays a stipend for college graduates to work with D.C.-based non-governmental organizations such as the Arms Control Association on arms control, peace, and security issues for six to nine months. 

ACA's executive director Daryl Kimball and policy director Kelsey Davenport are former Scoville Fellows. 

Since the inception of the Scoville Fellowship in 1987, which was established in honor of former ACA President Herbert Scoville Jr., the Arms Control Association has hosted and helped launch the careers of 12 fellows.

Those who got their start in the program at ACA include Sang-Min Kim (2021); Maggie Tennis (2017); Elizabeth Philipp (2015-2016); Kelsey Davenport (2011-2012); Cole Harvey (2009); Alex Bolfrass (2007); Claire Applegarth (2004-2005); Asma Kahn (2002-2003); Philipp Bleek (1999-2000); Lara Cantuti (1994); Arthur Atkins (1994); and Felicia J. Wong (1988).

For further information on the Scoville Fellowship Program, and to apply, please visit