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August 27, 2018
The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Source News Date
Survey: Americans Say President Shouldn’t Launch Nuclear Strike Without Congressional War Declaration Kingston Reif Daily Beast May 20, 2019
US has the military might, but Iran will lean on proxies and militias if they get dragged into conflict Arms Control Association Fox News May 19, 2019
Document of the Week: The 2002 National Intelligence Estimate on WMDs in Iraq Daryl G. Kimball Foreign Policy May 17, 2019
Russian President Vladimir Putin calls special counsel Mueller's inquiry 'very objective' Daryl G. Kimball USA Today May 15, 2019
Expert welcomes US-Russia hashing over options for nuclear arms control Daryl G. Kimball TASS May 15, 2019
The Knowns and Unknowns of What’s Happening With Iran Greg Thielmann The Atlantic May 15, 2019
How New Sanctions On Iran And Its Possible Withdrawal From Nuclear Deal Will Impact India Kelsey Davenport India Times May 12, 2019
Leaving the Arms Trade Treaty would be another shot in America’s foot Rachel Stohl, Thomas Countryman Defense News May 10, 2019
Pompeo says US doesn't want war with Iran but warns of 'swift' response if provoked Kelsey Davenport CNN May 10, 2019
Congress, Pentagon Renew Old Fight Over 3rd Missile Defense Site Kingston Reif Breaking Defense May 10, 2019
'Nobody's happy about it': Missile tests increase tensions with North Korea Kelsey Davenport ABC News (abc-7) May 9, 2019
Iran’s Nuclear Deal Threat Kelsey Davenport Lobe Log May 9, 2019
Congress tries to defund US nuclear transfers to Saudi Arabia Daryl G. Kimball Al-Monitor May 9, 2019
Experts Exhort Nuclear Deal Signatories to Help Iran Arms Control Association InDepthNews May 8, 2019
Iran turns back to nuclear program a year after Trump pulled out of disarmament accord Daryl G. Kimball Los Angeles Times May 8, 2019
One year after US withdrawal from nuclear deal, Iran tests the deal’s limits of interpretation Daryl G. Kimball ThinkProgress May 8, 2019
US set to double down on 'maximum pressure' as Iran eases adherence to nuclear deal Kelsey Davenport ABC News (abc-7) May 8, 2019
U.S. Plans More Annual Spending on Nuclear Submarine Program Kingston Reif Prensa Latina May 7, 2019
Limiting Nuclear Arms, Not Freezing Them: Like Reagan, Like Trump Daryl G. Kimball Gatestone Institute May 7, 2019
Trump wants to renew and revise a key Russian nuclear weapons treaty. It has Democrats nervous Arms Control Association Roll Call May 6, 2019