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– Hans Blix,
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The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Source News Date
Is a second Korean War imminent? Kelsey Davenport Deutsche Welle April 27, 2017
Senate Heads to White House for Briefing on North Korea, But U.S. Strategy Still At Sea Kelsey Davenport Foreign Policy April 26, 2017
With nuclear warheads showing their age, Perry faces major test Kingston Reif Houston Chronicle April 23, 2017
Should North Korea nuclear strikes worry California at all? Kelsey Davenport Los Angeles Times April 20, 2017
The Plan To Make America's Nukes Great Again Could Go Horribly Wrong Kingston Reif Vice April 20, 2017
News Source 8 Morning Edition WGAM - TV April 19, 2017
ISIS has chemical weapons and uses them, experts say Daryl G. Kimball The Seattle Times April 19, 2017
Tillerson: Iran complying with nuclear deal but causing trouble elsewhere Kelsey Davenport USA Today April 19, 2017
The North Korea Paradox: Why There Are No Good Options on Nuclear Arms Daryl G. Kimball New York Times April 17, 2017
Syria has faced international condemnation for using chemical weapons. But Islamic State has them too Daryl G. Kimball Los Angeles Times April 17, 2017
SitRep: Pence Threatens North Korea; McMaster Takes Harder Line; Pyongyang Rolls Out Missiles Kelsey Davenport Foreign Policy April 17, 2017
Could the unthinkable happen with North Korea? Daryl G. Kimball San Diego Union-Tribune April 15, 2017
North Korea celebrates as tensions rise Daryl G. Kimball WNYT April 14, 2017
Pulling the U.S.-Russia Relationship Back from the Nuclear Brink Kingston Reif The National Interest April 12, 2017
Syriasly? Again? Daryl G. Kimball Publicnow April 10, 2017
Weren’t Syria’s Chemical Weapons Destroyed? It’s Complicated Daryl G. Kimball New York Times April 7, 2017
Why Did Syria Still Have Chemical Weapons? Daryl G. Kimball New York Magazine April 7, 2017
INF treaty issue may be resolved through open dialogue between Russia and US Greg Thielmann Penza News April 6, 2017
Experts: US and Russia dialogue may start with nuclear disarmament Voice of America April 5, 2017
How the world responds to chemical gas attacks: Outcry but no real action Washington Post April 5, 2017