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The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Source News Date
US to begin nuclear treaty pullout next month after Russia missile talks fail Daryl G. Kimball The Guardian January 16, 2019
Trump could announce a second summit with North Korean leader within days Daryl G. Kimball The Washington Post January 16, 2019
Pentagon to Study Putting Anti-Missile Laser Weapons in Space Kingston Reif Defense One January 16, 2019
US weighs new ways to detect and track enemy missiles Daryl G. Kimball Associated Press January 15, 2019
North Korea's Nuclear Program Quietly Advances, Pressuring Trump Arms Control Association Bloomberg January 14, 2019
Kim Jong Un’s New Years’ Address Seen As More Gambit Than Threat Daryl G. Kimball Radio Free Asia January 2, 2019
Iranian scientists persevere under renewed sanctions Kelsey Davenport Physics Today January 1, 2019
Hypersonic weapons speed to Pentagon development forefront Kingston Reif The Washington Post December 30, 2018
Russia Successfully Tests Weapon That Travels 27 Times Speed of Sound And Renders Missile Defense Systems ‘Useless’—Officials Arms Control Association Newsweek December 28, 2018
U.S. has no right to claim that Iran is “violating” 2231 Arms Control Association Tehran Times December 25, 2018
Military-industrial complex finds a growth market in hypersonic weaponry Kingston Reif The Washington Post December 21, 2018
Who Shipped $61 Million Worth of Weapons From New Hampshire to Saudi Arabia? Jeff Abramson New Hampshire Public Radio December 19, 2018
Low-Yield Nuclear Weapons: The Ultimate Weapon Coming to the U.S. Navy or Bad Idea? Arms Control Association National Interest December 18, 2018
Assemblywoman Aguiar-Curry nominated for ‘arms control’ work Arms Control Association Daily Democrat December 15, 2018
The Loose “Shoot and Scoot” Missiles and the Threat to Aviation Arms Control Association The New Yorker December 13, 2018
Committee Leadership Comes into Focus for 116th Congress Shervin Taheran Informed Infrastructure December 13, 2018
Air Force OC-135 Planes Used to Monitor Russian Forces Have Some Big Problems Kingston Reif National Interest December 11, 2018
The U.S. Air Force Deployed a Surveillance Plane to Ukraine. Here's Why It Matters. Kingston Reif The National Interest December 9, 2018
Is the Cold War nuclear treaty about to go up in smoke? Daryl G. Kimball Yerepouni News December 6, 2018
U.S. "ultimatum" on INF treaty self-centered, detrimental Daryl G. Kimball Xinhua December 6, 2018