“We continue to count on the valuable contributions of the Arms Control Association.”

– President Joe Biden
June 2, 2022
The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Outlet News Date
Fearing 3-Way Arms Race, U.S. Seeks Nuclear Talks With Russia and China Arms Control Association TIME Magazine June 2, 2023
US won’t be pulled into nuclear arms race with Russia, China: Sullivan Arms Control Association Hill, The June 2, 2023
White House wants to engage Russia on nuclear arms control in post-treaty world Arms Control Association Associated Press, The June 2, 2023
US ready for nuclear talks with Russia and China ‘without preconditions’: White House Arms Control Association Responsible Statecraft June 2, 2023
US does not need to boost nuclear arsenal to deter Russia, China Arms Control Association Reuters June 2, 2023
U.S. Is Ready to Begin Nuclear-Arms Dialogue With Russia Arms Control Association Wall Street Journal, The June 2, 2023
US calls for nuclear arms control talks with Russia, China without preconditions Arms Control Association NHK June 2, 2023
U.S. Will Try to Bring China Into Arms Control Talks Arms Control Association New York Times, The June 2, 2023
US says it wants dialog with Russia and China on nuclear arms control Arms Control Association CNN June 2, 2023
Report: Iran inching closer to building a nuclear bomb Kelsey Davenport i24NEWS June 1, 2023
An Iranian nuclear facility is so deep underground that US airstrikes likely couldn’t reach it Kelsey Davenport Associated Press, The May 22, 2023
Biden Pays Silent Tribute to Victims of Hiroshima Bomb Daryl Kimball New York Times, The May 19, 2023
At Hiroshima, Leaders Should Choose to End All Nuclear Threats Daryl Kimball, Zia Mian Scientific American May 17, 2023
The world’s top chemical-weapons detectives just opened a brand-new lab Paul F. Walker Nature May 17, 2023
Biden's leadership on nuclear disarmament to be tested in Hiroshima Daryl Kimball Kyodo News May 7, 2023
Biden Must Deliver on Disarmament at the G7 Summit in Hiroshima Daryl Kimball Just Security May 5, 2023
Biden Administration Bashes Beijing for North Korean Threat Thomas Countryman Politico April 27, 2023
Bipartisan US Bill Aims to Prevent AI From Launching Nuclear Weapons Arms Control Association Common Dreams April 26, 2023
A US-China War Over Taiwan? Michael Klare Nation, The April 26, 2023
A third nuclear age? What to expect from US-South Korea summit. Kelsey Davenport Christian Science Monitor, The April 25, 2023
The US Has No Plans to Give Up Nuclear Weapons. The Public Needs to Change That. Daryl Kimball Truthout April 24, 2023
The Pentagon admitted that Abrams are not capable of turning the tide of fighting in Ukraine Gabriela Iveliz Rosa Hernández RBC April 21, 2023
Creating a Hypersonic Pentagon Budget Michael Klare Tomdispatch April 16, 2023
The IAEA Just Bought Some Time for Nuclear Diplomacy With Iran Kelsey Davenport World Politics Review March 28, 2023
Air Force secretary labels China’s rapid nuclear expansion most ‘disturbing’ threat he has seen Arms Control Association Stars and Stripes March 28, 2023