The Arms Control Association in the News

Article Title Cited News Outlet News Date
Trump, as president, could launch a nuclear strike. This should scare you. Thomas Countryman Philadelphia Inquirer, The July 19, 2024
Russia Threatens Nuclear Doctrine 'Amendments' amid Ukraine War Daryl Kimball Newsweek July 6, 2024
Trump allies are peddling a catastrophic idea for U.S. nuclear weapon policy Daryl Kimball MSNBC July 6, 2024
Allies of Donald Trump are pushing for the first nuclear tests in three decades Daryl Kimball Independent, The (UK) July 5, 2024
'More Unhinged by the Minute': Senior Israeli Lawmaker Suggests Nuclear Attack on Iran Arms Control Association Common Dreams July 4, 2024
Putin calls to resume production of intermediate nuclear-capable missiles Arms Control Association VOA June 28, 2024
The Samson Option: Israel’s Plan to Nuke Its Opponents Kelsey Davenport The Progressive June 24, 2024
‘Peace through strength’: Top Trump foreign policy adviser says U.S. should restart nuclear weapons tests Arms Control Association Spectrum News June 19, 2024
Former Trump national security adviser urges resumption of nuclear testing Daryl Kimball Guardian, The June 18, 2024
Congress wants to restore nukes on conventional B-52 bombers Daryl Kimball Defense News June 18, 2024
Why Is Putin Visiting North Korea? Arms Control Association Townhall June 18, 2024
The U.S. is building new nuclear weapons – in the name of “arms control” Arms Control Association Cipher Brief, The June 17, 2024
Israeli Nuclear: 90 Warheads, Ability To Launch From Planes, Missiles And Submarines Daryl Kimball Jewish Business News June 17, 2024
US Spent $98,000 Per Minute on Nuclear Weapons in 2023, New Report Says Daryl Kimball Truthout June 17, 2024
China pursuing ‘significant’ expansion of nuclear arsenal, report says Arms Control Association Washington Post, The June 16, 2024
Daryl Kimball on U.S. Nuclear Arsenal and Threats From Adversaries Daryl Kimball C-SPAN June 14, 2024
Enhancing US N-capabilities and posture critical to strategic arms control Arms Control Association Times of India, The June 11, 2024
US and China spar over nuclear weapons build-up Arms Control Association Radio Free Asia June 10, 2024
Chart Shows How World's Nuclear Weapons Stockpiles Compare Arms Control Association Newsweek June 10, 2024
Nuclear-Armed North Korea Issues New Threat Arms Control Association Newsweek June 10, 2024
China urges US to ‘reflect’ on nuclear arms policy Arms Control Association South China Morning Post June 9, 2024
China Issues Nuclear Statement to US Arms Control Association Newsweek June 9, 2024
US should stop undermining nuclear disarmament regime — Chinese Embassy Arms Control Association TASS June 8, 2024
US issues major nuclear weapons alert amid fears of all-out war: ‘If that day comes…’ Arms Control Association Hindustan Times June 8, 2024
White House Issues Nuclear Weapons Update Arms Control Association Newsweek June 8, 2024