“[My time at ACA] prepared me very well for the position that I took following that with the State Department, where I then implemented and helped to implement many of the policies that we tried to promote.”
– Peter Crail
Business Executive for National Security
June 2, 2022
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Thanks for writing a letter about Tuesday's critical hearing in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. This must be the beginning of a vital and overdue re-examination of U.S. nuclear weapons decision-making and authority.

Now, can you please spread the word before Tuesday's hearing so we can get every Senator on the committee there in person? It is vital they attend, listen, and engage the witness on this unchecked presidential authority.

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We also encourage you stay informed and communicate the seriousness of U.S. nuclear weapons decision-making and authority. Here are some resources to that end:

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Tony Fleming
Director for Communications
Arms Control Association

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I have just learned about a critical hearing taking place on Tuesday in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The chairman, Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), will be convening a discussion on U.S. nuclear weapons decision-making and authority. 

This is a vital opportunity for our Senators to understand how risky it is that we currently provide the president sole authority over the launch of US nuclear weapons. Leaving such a momentous decision in the hands of a single person is a dangerous situation. SFRC chairman, Bob Corker, has expressed concerns that President Trump’s bellicose rhetoric could push us into “World War III.” 
It’s important that every Senator who is a member of the committee attend and post direct and actionable questions to the witnesses, which will include a former commander of U.S. nuclear forces and a former high-ranking Pentagon official. It is also important that this be the beginning and not the end of an overdue re-examination of U.S. nuclear decision-making and authority. 

The Arms Control Association has prepared a letter you can send directly to your Senator on the Committee. 

Can you join me and write a letter? Click here: https://www.armscontrol.org/take-action/SFRCHearing

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