"I actually have a pretty good collection of Arms Control Today, which I have read throughout my career. It's one of the few really serious publications on arms control issues."
– Gary Samore
Former White House Coordinator for Arms Control and WMD Terrorism
The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Source News Date
India gains more from Canada-India deal The New Nation July 2, 2010
US seeks more info from China over contentious nuclear reactor deal with Pakistan Sify News June 29, 2010
The Canada/India Deal The Toronto Star June 29, 2010
Chinese 'stonewalled' nuclear supply queries suff.co.nz June 29, 2010
Obama Reverses Bush’s Space Policy New York Times June 28, 2010
New Zealand Govt. urged to absolutely oppose contentious Sino-Pak nuke deal Asian News International June 23, 2010
Experts ask NSG to oppose China-Pak nuclear deal Zee News June 17, 2010
Nuclear nations to meet in Christchurch, NZ The Press, New Zealand June 16, 2010
U.K. Demands Additional EU "Measures" Against Iran Global Security Newswire June 11, 2010
IAEA faces mushrooming Asia challenge Asia Times June 8, 2010
No End Seen to Deadlock at Conference on Disarmament Global Security Newswire June 7, 2010
Verification Key Component of New START Treaty Voice of America June 4, 2010
Powers should consider Iran fuel offer: experts Reuters June 2, 2010
After new START, what's next? CNN April 8, 2010
Obama nuclear weapons manifesto is detailed LA Times April 5, 2010
U.S.-India Reprocessing Deal Spurs Complaints, But Congressional Rebuff Unlikely Global Security Newswire April 5, 2010
Azerbaijan can help US to strengthen defenses against Iranian attack - analyst News.Az March 31, 2010
Nato experts group say US nukes should stay in Europe The Guardian March 29, 2010
Russia and U.S. Report Breakthrough on Arms New York Times March 25, 2010
Russia, U.S. have deal on new arms pact: Kremlin Washington Post March 25, 2010