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– Suzanne DiMaggio
Senior Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
April 15, 2019
The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Outlet News Date
U.S. and Europe Warn Iran on Nuclear Talks New York Times, The May 7, 2012
Ex-Iran negotiator: "historic" chance for nuke talks Reuters April 25, 2012
Stanley R. Resor, Vietnam War Army Chief, Dies at 94 New York Times, The April 19, 2012
North Korea makes a big leap backwards Korea Herald, The April 19, 2012
Why Iranian engineers attended North Korea's failed rocket launch Christian Science Monitor, The April 18, 2012
North Korea's failed rocket launch prompts missile defense questions National Journal April 17, 2012
Netanyahu: Istanbul talks gave Iran a 'freebie' Jerusalem Post, The April 15, 2012
Iran Nuclear Talks Face Challenges Next Round Bloomberg April 15, 2012
Iran, big powers agree - to keep talking Reuters April 15, 2012
Iran has nowhere to hide in Baghdad talks Agence France-Presse April 15, 2012
Uranium enrichment 'key focus' of Iran talks Agence France-Presse April 13, 2012
Nuclear test could be North Korea's next step Boston Globe, The April 13, 2012
There's A Reason It's Called Rocket Science NPR April 13, 2012
N. Korean rocket breaks up on launch Washington Post, The April 13, 2012
NKorea launch draws anger as failure wounds pride Associated Press, The April 13, 2012
Facing Tougher Sanctions, Iran Enters Nuclear Talks NPR April 13, 2012
Dim Prospects For Diplomacy With Iran Forbes April 12, 2012
Experts say past North Korean rocket launches failed Los Angeles Times April 11, 2012
N. Korea May Stage Nuclear Test After Rocket Launch NPR April 11, 2012
NKorea rocket launch draws more worry than Iran's Associated Press, The April 8, 2012
'Obama urges Iran to accept civilian nuclear program' Jerusalem Post, The April 6, 2012
'N. Korea’s Rocket Launch Highly Likely to Succeed' Korea Times, The April 5, 2012
Future of US, Russian Short-Range Nuclear Weapons Could Be on Negotiating Table VOA April 4, 2012
Next Arms Talks Between US, Russia Might Involve Tactical Weapons VOA April 2, 2012
U.S. Has No Need to Test Atomic Arsenal, Report Says New York Times, The March 31, 2012