Round-up of New START Editorials and Op-Eds

Over the past several months, newspapers across the United States – and even a few from our allies overseas – have called on the U.S. Senate to promptly provide its advice and consent for ratification of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START). This tidal wave of approval reflects the overwhelming support that the treaty commands from the American public. According to a CBS News poll conducted Nov. 29-Dec. 2, 82% of Americans favor U.S. ratification of New START, while only 12% oppose it.

Below is an extensive list of editorials and op-eds published in support of New START.



Lincoln Journal Star, "Approve New START," December 22

Los Angeles Times, "Stopping New START," December 21

Minneapolis Star Tribune, "Reject the old split on New START," December 21

St. Petersburg Times, "For good of the country, ratify arms treaty," December 21

The Baltimore Sun, "START treaty test," December 21

Chicago Tribune, "Kirk's next key vote," December 19

Casper Star-Tribune, "Barrasso should listen to Simpson on treaty," December 17

The Plain Dealer, "Pass New START treaty, now," December 12

The Providence Journal, "Kyl vs. the country," December 9

The Miami Herald, "Vote Yes on New START pact," December 9

The Boston Globe, "Stop delays; pass 'New START,'" December 4

Iowa City Press-Citizen, "Ratify treaty with Russia sooner rather than later," December 2

USA Today, Our view on nuclear weapons: Stop playing politics and ratify the New START arms treaty,” November 30

The Florida Times-Union, “Start treaty: No time for politics,” November 30

Sun Journal, “Now not the time to stall on nuke treaties,” November 30

The Sacramento Bee, “One senator delaying New START pact,” November 28

The News and Observer, “In our interest,” November 28

Houston Chronicle, “New START now,” November 27

Rocky Mount Telegram, “U.S. Senate should ratify New START treaty,” November 27

The Asheville Citizen-Times, “START ratification a matter of U.S. security, not petty politics,” November 27

The Sheboygan Press, “Senate should pass nuke weapons treaty,” November 26

Tulsa World, “‘No’ to security?,” November 26

The Vindicator, “Arms reduction is a matter of national security; it should rise above partisanship,” November 26

Financial Times, “Ratify US-Russia nuclear accord,” November 25

The Salt Lake Tribune, “New START,” November 24

The Register-Guard, “GOP should back treaty,” November 24

The Bemidji Pioneer, “Ratify New START yet this year,” November 24

The Palm Beach Post, “GOP senators going rogue,” November 23

The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Politics over safety,” November 23

The Orlando Sentinel, “Ratify START treaty,” November 22

The Toledo Blade, “START rethinking,” November 22

The Seattle Times, “Senate GOP stalling on new arms treaty,” November 22

The Knoxville News Sentinel, “Senators should vote on New START,” November 21

Chattanooga Times Free Press, “Sacrificing national security,” November 21

The Nashua Telegraph, “Political posturing hurting U.S. security,” November 21

The Times of Trenton, “Dangerous delay,” November 21

The Courier-Journal, “Politics over security,” November 21

The Washington Post, “The New START pact should be passed, not politicized,” November 20

The Oregonian, “Don’t stop START,” November 20

The Denver Post, “Playing politics on nuclear policy,” November 19

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Peace not politics (or) Psst…the Cold War is over,” November 19

The New York Times, “The Party of National Security?,” November 18

The Charleston Gazette, “Bizarre flap over nuclear treaty,” November 18

San Francisco Chronicle, “Don’t delay START,” November 18

The San Jose Mercury News, “Kyl’s treaty stunt is a new low for the GOP,” November 17

The Times Record, “Security trumps politics,” November 17

The Des Moines Register, “Ratify the new START treaty now,” November 16

Deseret News, “Ratify New START treaty,” November 16

Bangor Daily News, "Ratify New START," November 16

The Christian Science Monitor, “Senate must ratify new START agreement on nuclear arms,” November 15

The Economist, “Just do it,” September 23

Omaha World-Herald, “Senate should get STARTed,” September 4

The Portland Press Herald, “Senate should back Russian nuke treaty,” August 4



The New York Times, Robert Wright, "Fear vs. Reason in the Arms Control Debate," December 21

San Francisco Chronicle, Gloria Duffy, "New START a shift to the political center," December 21

The Clarion-Ledger, Greg Harris, "Congress should approve the new START arms treaty," December 18

International Herald Tribune, 25 European foreign ministers, "New Start Matters," December 17

The Washington Times, Thomas D'Agostino, "Unprecedented commitment to modernize," December 13

The Knoxville News Sentinel, Howard L. Hall, "Senate should not stop progress of New START," December 9

International Herald Tribune, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, "Ratify the New Start Treaty," December 7

The Wall Street Journal, Condoleezza Rice, "New Start: Ratify, With Caveats," December 7

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Sam Nunn, "Playing politics with New START harms U.S. security," December 7

The New York Times, Bruce Blair, Damon Bosetti, and Brian Weeden, "Bombs Away," December 7

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Arlen Specter, "Rejecting treaty would hurt U.S.," December 7

New Hampshire Union Leader, Jeanne Shaheen, "New START treaty will enhance our security," December 5

Pasadena Star-News, Adam Schiff, "Nuclear treaty with Russia an urgent matter," December 3

The Washington Post, Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, James Baker, Lawrence Eagleburger, and Colin Powell, "Why New START deserves GOP support," December 2

The Baltimore Sun, Nancy Gallagher, "New START: The world is watching," December 1

Kennebec Journal, George Smith, "STARTing to worry about nuclear weapons, lack of treaty," December 1

Evansville Courier and Press, Ann McFeatters, "GOP resistance to START puts us at risk," November 30

Gainesville Times, Joan King, “Political jockeying stalls START, strengthens our enemies,” November 30

The Boston Globe, James Carroll, “Fallout from a US treaty failure,” November 29

The Boston Globe, John Kerry, “Now is the time to ratify New START, November 26

The Wall Street Journal, Joe Biden, “The Case for Ratifying New Start,” November 25

Los Angeles Times, Diane Feinstein, "Indefensible," November 21

The Guardian, Radoslaw Sikorski, "Why the west needs a New Start," November 20

Palm Beach Post, William F. Burns, “Get STARTed: Senate must ratify U.S.-Russia arms control treaty,” November 17

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Robert Farquhar, “Ratify disarmament treaty this year,” November 16

The Washington Post, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Robert M. Gates, “We can’t delay this treaty,” November 15

Salt Lake Tribune, Mark Shurtleff and Ryan Wilcox, “New START widely supported, should be ratified,” November 13

The Portland Press Herald, Daniel Oppenheim, "New START needs GOP support to pass," November 11

Bangor Daily News, Chris Rector, “New START ratification important for our security,” November 10

Henrietta Post, Susan Shaer, “New START ratification would honor our veterans,” November 10

Pocono Record, Joe Volk, “Will Senate come together to make a safer world?,” November 10

The Blade, Phineas Anderson, Richard P. Anderson, and Stephen Stranahan, “Senate must make arms treaty lame-duck priority,” November 9

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Joseph Cirincione, “Nuclear-arms treaty will test Obama, GOP,” November 8

The Washington Times, John Castellaw, Arlen Jameson, Donald Kerrick, and John Adams, “GENERALS: Military gung-ho for New START,” October 22

The Asheville Citizen-Times, Lee McMinn, “Senate should approve new arms treaty,” October 14

Tucson Weekly, Tom Danehy, “Regarding nuclear arms control, Jon Kyl is letting gamesmanship trump statesmanship,” September 23

The Washington Times, Brent Scowcroft and Jake Garn, “Ratify New START Now,” September 22

Casper Star-Tribune, Alan K. Simpson, “Senate should support New START treaty,” September 15

The Boston Globe, John B. Rhinelander, “A GOP legacy at risk,” September 14

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Joseph E. Lowery and Jonathan Merritt, “A faith perspective on arms treaty,” September 14

The Florida Times-Union, Nancy Soderberg, “Arms reduction pact with Russians deserves support,” September 13

The Star-Ledger, Avis Bohlen and Daryl G. Kimball, “Senate should speed approval of New START arms treaty with Russia,” September 12

USA Today, Dirk Jameson, “Consensus is clear: Ratify New START now,” September 11

The Washington Post, Madeleine Albright, George Shultz, Gary Hart, and Chuck Hagel, “It's time for the Senate to vote on New START,” September 10

Omaha World-Herald, Greg Thielmann, “Let’s reduce nuclear threat,” September 6

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Lawrence Korb, "U.S. Senate must ratify New START," June 24

The Wall Street Journal, Robert M. Gates, "The Case for the New START Treaty," May 13