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The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Source News Date
The US should go to the UN security council re Syria Paul F. Walker ABC News June 27, 2017
Assad preparing chemical weapons attack in Syria, US claims Daryl G. Kimball The Guardian June 26, 2017
Syria Will ‘Pay a Heavy Price’ for Another Chemical Attack, White House Says Daryl G. Kimball The New York Times June 26, 2017
The United States and Russia are close to the nuclear arms race without any restrictions - Director of the Arms Control Association Daryl G. Kimball Ukrainian VOA News June 24, 2017
The Nuclear Requiem Daryl G. Kimball Southern Oregon Public Television June 22, 2017
U.N. Leader Softens His Predecessor’s Criticism of Iran Missile Tests Daryl G. Kimball The New York Times June 21, 2017
'Hotline’ Established Between US, Former Soviet Union on This Day in 1963 Arms Control Association Voice of America June 20, 2017
The Iran Deal Could Facilitate Persian Gulf Conflict Resolution Kelsey Davenport Atlantic Council June 14, 2017
Is Iran complying with the nuclear deal? For the most part, yes Daryl G. Kimball Politifact June 14, 2017
US MISSILE DEFENCE CHIEF: Assume that 'North Korea can reach us with a ballistic missile' Kelsey Davenport Business Insider Australia June 9, 2017
Nuclear costs: in the US offer to cut nuclear weapons spending by $ 100 billion Arms Control Association RT June 7, 2017
Analysts: Putin: No one survives the outbreak of war between the US and Russia Arms Control Association Nokorwat News Daily June 6, 2017
NSC Official Defends Trump Approach To Nonproliferation, Arms Control Arms Control Association Defense Daily June 5, 2017
Air Force FY-18 budget request sheds light on nuclear missile TMRR awards Kingston Reif Inside Defense June 2, 2017
The D Brief Kingston Reif Defense One May 31, 2017
US successfully tests missile interceptor Kingston Reif CNN May 30, 2017
Missile Defense Can't Save Us From North Korea Kingston Reif War on the Rocks May 29, 2017
This is Why the World Should Fear India's Nuclear Weapons Arms Control Association Indian Defence News May 28, 2017
Defiant Congress Sparks Showdown With Trump Over Saudi Arms Deal Jeff Abramson Foreign Policy May 26, 2017
Missile defense push as N. Korea advances Daryl G. Kimball The Post and Courier May 26, 2017