The Arms Control Association in the News

Article Title Cited News Outlet News Date
US general asks cut in nuclear stockpile August 6, 2012
Arms treaty must wait after UN agreement fails July 29, 2012
UN arms talks end without deal July 28, 2012
UN Arms Trade Treaty Negotiations Fail July 28, 2012
Proponents of Arms Trade Treaty Urge Final Approval July 27, 2012
UN chief makes plea on arms treaty July 27, 2012
U.S. backs away from supporting global arms trade treaty July 27, 2012
Syria regime 'reeling, armed to the teeth' with chemical weapons July 27, 2012
UN Treaty on Global Arms Trade Sparks Criticism July 25, 2012
Negotiators Lack Focus at Arms Treaty Talks, Observers Warn July 18, 2012
Letter to the Editor: Arms treaty enforces existing laws July 16, 2012
Experts Play Down Iranian ICBM Progress July 13, 2012
Time to curb the illicit global arms trade July 9, 2012
Will the UN arms treaty succeed? July 4, 2012
ICRC stresses need for arms trade treaty July 2, 2012
Guns out of Control July 2, 2012
Governments Challenged to Rein in Arms Flow July 2, 2012
US moving on nuke arms cuts decision July 2, 2012
Drone Makers Want to Sell to Foreigners Daryl Kimball Los Angeles Times July 1, 2012
China to lead talks on nuclear definitions June 29, 2012
July UN Meeting to Discuss Global Arms Trade Treaty June 28, 2012
A bullet-proof arms trade treaty June 27, 2012
Gearing up for the arms trade treaty negotiations June 26, 2012
Arms bill supporters fight claims US citizens will be robbed of guns June 25, 2012
West's Idea of Nuclear Disarmament Doesn't Include Itself June 20, 2012