U.S. Anti-Tank Missiles Headed to Ukraine

The Trump administration plans to sell 210 Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, providing the government with a powerful new weapon to use against Russian-backed separatists. The proposed sale announced on March 1, which includes 37 launch units, is valued at $47 million. The shoulder-fired missiles are presented as a “defensive” weapon intended to deter or help thwart any territorial advances by separatists, although Russian media said the weapons will add to the bloodshed in Ukraine.

Previously, the United States has helped provide small arms and support equipment and training. Ukrainian officials and supporters in the U.S. Congress have been pressing for the United States to provide more in the way of “defensive” weaponry. The Obama administration had been wary of putting more weaponry into an ongoing conflict. Congress is unlikely to block the sale during the 30-day review period. The missiles could begin arriving in Ukraine as soon as April.—TERRY ATLAS