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– Marylia Kelley
Tri-Valley Communities Against a Radioactive Environment
June 2, 2022
ACA Annual Meeting

2024 Annual Meeting - Press Registration

2024 Arms Control Association Annual Meeting



ACA members, friends, colleagues—please join us at our 2024 Annual Meeting, Friday, June 7, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.  The theme of our 2024 Annual Meeting is: "Moving Back from the Nuclear Brink"

Our one-day conference will feature keynote speakers and expert panels considering some of the most pressing arms control, nonproliferation, and disarmament challenges, and how we can effectively address them.

Final program details, including the list of speakers and panels, will be posted here once available. Topics we expect to address include:

  • How Much Is Enough? Looming Decisions on U.S. Nuclear Force Size and Spending
  • Toward a More Effective and Humane U.S. Arms Transfer Policy   
  • The Role of Congress in Reducing the Nuclear Danger
  • Future Pathways on Nuclear Arms Control and Disarmament

Secure your seat early by becoming a Sponsor and helping us to meet new and difficult challenges, reach new audiences, and train the next generation of arms control leaders. Sponsorship includes registration.

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Register to join us Friday, June 7 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. for our 2024 annual members meeting.

South Asia Is A More Dangerous Place After the 1998 Nuclear Tests

By Daryl G. Kimball Thirteen years after the May 1998 Indian and Pakistani nuclear test explosions, South Asia is a more dangerous place. India's May 11 and 13 nuclear test explosions were its first since its inaugural nuclear weapons test in 1974. Pakistan responded soon thereafter and conducted its first nuclear weapons test detonations (five) on May 28 in the Chagai Hills region. The nuclear tests immediately increased tensions in the region and shocked the world. In India and Pakistan, the test stirred up an orgy of nuclear nationalism in some quarters and prompted protest in others...

Getting a Faster New START

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- An LGM-30 Minuteman III missile soars in the air after a test launch. The Minuteman is a strategic weapon system using a ballistic missile of intercontinental range. (U.S. Air Force photo) By Greg Thielmann When traveling the interstate on a long car trip, it's usually better to get up to maximum safe speed rather than creeping along at the legal minimum. Likewise, in order to achieve the full benefits of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START), it would be highly desirable to commit the United States to reaching the treaty's limits as soon as...
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