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The Arms Control Association works to eliminate the threats posed by the world's most dangerous weapons—nuclear, chemical, and biological, as well as new emerging technologies. Members in the United States can receive action alerts to inform their elected leaders on effective arms control solutions. Take action below or sign up to receive future opportunities to share your voice.

The total projected expenditure for the new Sentinel ICBM program had risen to nearly $320 billion, with an additional $16 billion earmarked for new warheads. Tell your members of Congress today that "Enough is enough."

Speaker Mike Johnson must agree to present Senate bill S. 3853 to the House floor or RECA will expire June 7, 2024.

Russia’s nuclear threats and China's increased nuclear arsenal underscore the need for strong U.S. leadership for nuclear arms control diplomacy. Call on your Representatives to show their support for strong U.S. leadership by becoming a cosponsor of a resolution introduced this month. (March 2024)

Some in Congress are pushing for higher funding for existing and new nuclear weapons programs, including for the development of nuclear-armed submarine-launched cruise missiles (SLCM-N). This would bring back a nuclear weapon type that the U.S. withdrew from service 30 years ago and retired a decade ago. (June 2023)