Right after I graduated, I interned with the Arms Control Association. It was terrific.

– George Stephanopolous
Host of ABC's This Week
January 1, 2005
The Arms Control Association in the News
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“Together Russia and U.S. Can Change the International Climate” RT (Russia Today) May 8, 2009
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Iran's Nuclear Program: The Risk of the 'Known Unknown' World Politics Review March 4, 2009
U.S., Russia Plans to Destroy Chemical Arms Imperiled by Crisis Bloomberg February 24, 2009
Iran Has Enriched Enough Uranium to Make Bomb, IAEA Says Guardian, The February 19, 2009
Reset Nuclear Arms Negotiations Now Moscow Times, The February 11, 2009
Obama Admin. Seeks Treaty to Cut US, Russia Nukes Associated Press, The February 5, 2009