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August 27, 2018
The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Source News Date
China to lead talks on nuclear definitions Reuters June 29, 2012
July UN Meeting to Discuss Global Arms Trade Treaty Voice of America June 28, 2012
A bullet-proof arms trade treaty The Daily Star June 27, 2012
Gearing up for the arms trade treaty negotiations Foreign Policy | Blog June 26, 2012
Arms bill supporters fight claims US citizens will be robbed of guns The Hill | Blog June 25, 2012
West's Idea of Nuclear Disarmament Doesn't Include Itself Truthout June 20, 2012
Iran Nuclear Talks Fall Short The Washington Post June 19, 2012
Pentagon to soon deploy pint-sized but lethal Switchblade drones Los Angeles Times June 11, 2012
U.N. nuclear watchdog, Iran fail to reach deal on probe CNBC June 8, 2012
A Look at Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament C-SPAN June 6, 2012
US "Not Developing New Nuclear Weapons, No New Nuclear Missions" RTT News June 6, 2012
U.S. Nuclear Arms Spending Exceeds Government Figure: Report Global Security Newswire June 5, 2012
WH Aide: National Lab Directors Urged Plutonium Facility Delay National Journal June 5, 2012
Iranian Decision To Convert 20% Uranium May Be Good News Bloomberg June 5, 2012
Humanitarian Groups Push For ‘Bulletproof’ Arms Treaty Bloomberg May 24, 2012
Nuclear talks begin in Baghdad, a day after U.N. watchdog says deal with Iran is near The Washington Post May 23, 2012
Arms Control Groups Accuse NATO of Keeping Nuclear Status Quo Global Security Newswire May 22, 2012
The Iranian nuclear facilities that could lead to war Wired.co.uk May 22, 2012
Engaging Russia in NATO Missile Defense The Epoch Times May 21, 2012
Opposition to Iranian Nuclear Arms Widespread: Global Poll Inter Press Service May 21, 2012