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The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Source News Date
Trump accepts invitation to meet North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Daryl G. Kimball KCPQ March 8, 2018
The New Cold War Is Here—and Now 3 Major Powers Are Involved Michael Klare The Nation March 8, 2018
Trump meeting with Kim could signal major thaw in nuclear standoff Daryl G. Kimball Politico March 8, 2018
Netanyahu Warns U.S. Lawmakers About Saudi Nuclear Power Deal Daryl G. Kimball Bloomberg Politics March 7, 2018
Trump cites ‘possible progress’ in talks with North Korea Daryl G. Kimball PBS NewsHour March 6, 2018
On North Korea, Trump Finds Himself in Same Position as His Predecessors Daryl G. Kimball New York Times March 6, 2018
Trump on Korean news: Could be 'progress' or 'false hope' Daryl G. Kimball The Kansas City Star March 6, 2018
Putin's boast of new nuclear weapons has little impact on balance of power Daryl G. Kimball WJLA-TV March 5, 2018
Downgraded clearance complicates Kushner's work in White House Greg Thielmann The Hill March 4, 2018
A speech by Putin heats up a global arms race in hypersonic weapons Daryl G. Kimball Salon March 3, 2018
CTBTO Nuclear Monitoring System for Iran Okayed Daryl G. Kimball Financial Tribune March 3, 2018
State Department OKs nuclear monitoring system for Iran Daryl G. Kimball Tehran Times March 2, 2018
Vladimir Putin boasts of new nuclear weapons Daryl G. Kimball Boston Herald March 2, 2018
Arms expert calls Putin's nuke speech a 'very good Kim Jong-un impersonation' As It Happens Daryl G. Kimball CBC Canada March 1, 2018
Washington relance l'escalade nucléaire Michael Klare Le Monde Diplomatique March 1, 2018
State Department OKs nuclear monitoring system for Iran Daryl G. Kimball Al-Monitor March 1, 2018
Trump’s demand from Congress, EU about JCPOA based on flawed assumptions: Kimball Daryl G. Kimball Tehran Times February 28, 2018
Russia, US to Enter New Arms Race if New Start Treaty Not Extended – Ex-Diplomat Thomas Countryman Sputnik International February 26, 2018
North Korea wants to talk to the US. That’s a big deal. Arms Control Association Vox February 25, 2018
Congress skeptical of Saudi nuclear energy demands Daryl G. Kimball Al-Monitor February 21, 2018