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– Frank Klotz
former Administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration
March 7, 2018
Arms Control NOW

65 Years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki

By Eric Auner In August 1945, nuclear weapons were used in war for the first and last time. The Wall Street Journal reports that for the first time the U.S. is sending a representative to Japan's annual ceremony commemorating the bombing of Hiroshima. John Roos, the U.S. ambassador to Japan, will join representatives of 73 other countries, including Britain and France, for Friday's event marking the 65th anniversary of the Aug. 6, 1945, bombing. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will also attend. The annual Hiroshima peace memorial ceremony—where doves were released as a symbol for...

Mitt Romney's Mistaken New START Theses

By ACA Intern Matthew Sugrue Mitt Romney recently published a follow-up to his Washington Post critique in the National Review . Unfortunately, as in his first piece for the Washington Post Mr. Romney incorrectly represents some of New START's provisions. There are three points in particular that are should be addressed. 1. Romney claims that Russia has "succeeded in restricting not only our strategic nuclear capability and missile-defense program but also [the America's] strategic conventional capability." The basic point of any arms control treaty is to impose restrictions. New START is no...

The Mine Ban Treaty: A Treaty to Join

By ACA Intern Valerie Pacer The Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on Their Destruction (also known as the Mine Ban Treaty and the Ottawa Convention), enjoys widespread international support. One hundred and fifty-six countries are currently state parties to the Treaty. The United States, however, is still "undecided" on whether or not it will join. Reuters reports : Releasing the State Department's annual review on the destruction of conventional weapons, a senior official acknowledged that a review of U.S. landmines...

August CTBT Update

Last week, ACA Executive Director Daryl Kimball published an Issue Brief responding to lingering questions and doubts regarding the United States' ability to maintain its nuclear stockpile into the indefinite future.


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