Welcome to the New Home for Project for the CTBT!


The Project for the CTBT first emerged when the Obama administration stated that it would pursue the ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).

“To achieve a global ban on nuclear testing, my administration will immediately and aggressively pursue U.S. ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty,” President Barack Obama said in Prague in April 2009.

Unfortunately, the treaty’s ratification by the United States has yet to pass.

The purpose of the Project for the CTBT is to provide the public and policymakers with sound information and analysis about the treaty so as to make way for its ratification by the United States and eventual entry into force. The project supports and coordinates the work of NGOs and policy, scientific, and security experts in this endeavor.

The website for the Project for the CTBT has recently moved here, to the Arms Control Association. Here’s a rundown of the resources available on this site:

  • The case for the entry into force of the CTBT, as well as the history of the treaty
  • Key resources, such as reports and opinion pieces, on the treaty
  • Statements of support for the CTBT by former senior officials, technical and scientific experts, military officials, and faith leaders

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For any questions or comments, please contact Daryl Kimball at [email protected] or Shannon Bugos at [email protected].

Thank you for visiting the new home for the Project for the CTBT!