Christine Wing Discusses the Role of Civil Society in Nuclear Disarmament

Christine Wing, a Senior Research Fellow at the Center on International Cooperation at New York University, sat down with the CTBTO to discuss her experience working on nuclear disarmament during the Cold War and how civil society can advance the cause of disarmament today, and particularly how it can help achieve the entry into force of the CTBT.

Wing stressed the importance of the CTBT's entry into force in stemming proliferation. She stated that a legal ban on nuclear testing would not only prevent horizontal proliferation-the development of nuclear weapons by non-nuclear states-but would also prevent vertical proliferation by inhibiting nuclear-weapon states ability to make qualitative improvements in their nuclear arsenals. Additionally, Wing also pointed to the indirect effects of the CTBT, such as the treaty's ability to deemphasize the role that nuclear weapons play in national security policies.

Wing is a member of the Arms Control Association's Board of Directors and has worked with the Ford Foundation's International Peace and Security Program, Princeton University's Center of International Studies, and the Nuclear Threat Initiative.

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