"I actually have a pretty good collection of Arms Control Today, which I have read throughout my career. It's one of the few really serious publications on arms control issues."

– Gary Samore
Former White House Coordinator for Arms Control and WMD Terrorism

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On page 38 of Arms Control Today’s July/August 2007 issue, the news article “ElBaradei: IAEA Budget Problems Dangerous” inaccurately reported a number of budget figures. The IAEA budget is denominated in euros. Multiplying the euro by 1.3 to convert to dollars results in the following budget figures:

“The agency's total regular budget for fiscal year 2007 is approximately $370 million. The IAEA also receives voluntary contributions from member states.

The agency's fiscal year 2007 verification budget, which includes the implementation of safeguards, is less than $145 million. The budget for nuclear safety and security, which includes measures to secure nuclear materials, is approximately $30 million.”

In the same issue, the book review “The Wisdom of Sharing the Peaceful Atom” contained two errors.

On page 45, the article described safeguards agreements developed for non-nuclear-weapon states-parties as “123 agreements.” The correct term is “153 agreements” or “INF-CIRC-153 agreements,” referring to agreements modeled on the International Atomic Energy Agency’s information circular 153.

On page 48, the sentence “As indicated earlier, recent administration steps seem to be evolving toward a similar approach toward North Korea” should have read “As indicated earlier, recent administration steps seem to be evolving toward a constructive approach to North Korea.”