“[My time at ACA] prepared me very well for the position that I took following that with the State Department, where I then implemented and helped to implement many of the policies that we tried to promote.”
– Peter Crail
Business Executive for National Security
June 2, 2022
U.S. Circulates Draft UN Resolution to Prevent Proliferation
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The United States is circulating a draft UN Security Council resolution that calls on UN member states to take domestic legal steps to prevent proliferation, particularly the acquisition of nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons by terrorists. The resolution implements a call made by President George W. Bush in a speech to the UN General Assembly in September. (See ACT, October 2003.)

Expressing grave concern that “non-state actors are seeking to acquire, traffic in, or use nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons,” the draft resolution urges states to impose tighter export controls, stronger legislation, and better border security. It also calls for states to cut off support to any terrorist group involved with weapons of mass destruction. Additionally, it asks UN members to help implement efforts such as the Bush administration’s Proliferation Security Initiative, which seeks to interdict shipments of nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons.

The resolution, however, does not include any measures to require enforcement of its provisions. U.S. officials say little progress has been made in advancing the resolution since it was first circulated in December.