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June 6, 2016
1999 ACT Index

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The following is a complete index of materials printed in Arms Control Today in 1999.
The index is organized according to 6 categories:

Authors Subjects Factfiles Interviews Briefings Documents

Authors Albright, David:

"Arms Control Adrift? Prospects for 1999," Mar., pp. 9-19 (an ACA briefing).

Biden, Joseph R., Jr.:

"Maintaining the Proliferation Fight in the Former Soviet Union," Mar., pp. 20-25.

Bleek, Philipp C.:

"After Stumble, 'HEU Deal' Back on Track," Dec., p. 22.

Boese, Wade:

"CD Progress Slowed by Nuclear Disarmament Issue," Jan./Feb.

, p. 23;

"Pentagon Reports Higher Proposed Weapons Deals," Jan./Feb., p. 26;

"CFE Parties Outline Adapted Treaty; Limits to Allow NATO Growth," Mar., p. 28;

"CD Ends First '99 Session Without Agreement on Work Program," Mar., p. 30;

"U.S. Announces New Arms Sales to Middle East Worth Billions," Mar., p. 32;

"NATO Unveils 'Strategic Concept' at 50th Anniversary Summit," Apr./May, p. 40;

"Belgrade Suspends Implementation of Sub-Regional Arms Accord," Apr./May, p. 43;

"CD Remains in Stalemate; U.S. Criticized for NMD Plans," Apr./May, p. 44;

"U.S. Ratifies Amended CCW Landmines Protocol," Apr./May, p. 44;

"Ottawa Convention States-Parties Hold First Conference; U.S. Attends," Apr./May, p. 45;

"Russian Compliance with CFE 'Flank' Limit in Doubt," Apr./May, p. 46;

"CD Ends Second Session with Little Progress," Jun., p. 20;

"Serbs Withdraw; KLA to Disarm," Jun., p. 22;

"Russia Not in Compliance with CFE Flank Limits," Jul./Aug., p. 24;

"Belgrade to Abide by Sub-Regional Arms Control Agreement," Jul./Aug., p. 25;

"Washington Again Ranks as World's Top Arms Supplier," Jul./Aug., p. 27;

"U.S. Arms Sales to Taiwan Further Upset China," Jul./Aug., p. 28;

"Israel, Syria Seek Arms," Jul./Aug., p. 30;

"Fewer Countries Submit Arms Trade Data to UN Register," Sept./Oct., p. 34;

"Conference on Disarmament Completes Another Barren Year," Sept./Oct., p. 35;

"Belgrade, KLA Move Forward on Arms Control, Disarmament," Sept./Oct., p. 37;

"NMD Program Again Criticized by Independent Review Panel," Nov., p. 22;

"CFE Adapted at OSCE Summit in Istanbul," Nov., p. 23;

"News Analysis: Executive Summary of the Adapted Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty," Nov., pp. 24-25;

"Pentagon Notifies Congress of $13 Billion in Possible Arms Sales," Nov., p. 27;

"U.S. and South Korea Hold Ballistic Missile Talks," Nov., p. 27;

"NATO Ministers Skeptical of U.S. NMD Plans," Dec., p. 21;

"Wassenaar Members Remain Divided on Arrangement's Scope," Dec., p. 23.

Bunn, Matthew:

"Arms Control Adrift? Prospects for 1999," Mar., pp. 9-19 (an ACA briefing).

Butler, Richard:

"The Lessons and Legacy of UNSCOM," Jun., pp. 3-9 (interview).

Carter, Lurther J. and Thomas H. Pigford:

"The World's Growing Inventory of Civil Spent Fuel," Jan./Feb., pp. 8-14.

Cerniello, Craig:

"Cohen Announces NMD Restructuring, Funding Boost," Jan./Feb., p. 20;

"Cochran, Weldon Reintroduce Missile Defense Legislation," Jan./Feb., p. 24;

"Senate, House Approve Bills Calling for NMD Deployment," Mar., p. 26;

"NATO Strikes Against Yugoslavia Cloud U.S.-Russian Arms Control," Mar., p. 27;

"NMD Bill Clears Congress as Senate Re-Examines ABM Treaty," Apr./May, p. 38;

"U.S., Russia to Begin 'Discussions' on START III, ABM Treaty," Jun., p. 19;

"Senators Call on Helms to Allow Vote on CTB Treaty," Jun., p. 20;

"Senate Foreign Relations Committee Approves Holum," Jun., p. 22;

"White House, Key Senators Intensify Push for CTBT," Jul./Aug., p. 21;

"Little Progress Made at START/ABM Talks," Jul./Aug., p. 22;

"Clinton Signs Controversial NMD Legislation," Jul./Aug., p. 22;

"U.S., Ukraine Extend CTR Program," Jul./Aug., p. 24;

"Senate Rejects Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty; Clinton Vows to Continue Moratorium," Sept./Oct., pp. 26-29;

"Russia, China, U.S. Allies Condemn Senate Defeat of Treaty," Sept./Oct., p. 29;

"NMD System Achieves First Intercept; U.S. Clarifies ABM Negotiating Position," Sept./Oct., p. 30.

Davis, Zachary S.:

"NPT 2000: Is the Treaty in Trouble?" Dec., pp. 10-14.

Dhanapala, Jayantha:

"Illuminating Global Interests: The UN and Arms Control," Sept./Oct., pp. 3-8 (interview).

Diamond, Howard:

"India, Pakistan Agree on Security, Confidence-Building Measures," Jan./Feb., p. 21;

"UN Creates New Panel to Review Iraqi Disarmament," Jan./Feb., p. 22;

"U.S. Sanctions Russian Entities for Iranian Dealings," Jan./Feb., p. 25;

"China Warns U.S. on East Asian Missile Defense Cooperation," Jan./Feb., p. 27;

"Cox Panel Charges China with Extensive Nuclear Espionage," Apr./May, p. 37;

"U.S. Says N. Korea Site Nuclear-Free; Perry Visits Pyongyang," Apr./May, p. 39;

"India, Pakistan Test New Missiles; U.S. Urges Restraint," Apr./May, p. 41;

"Security Council Remains Divided Over Iraqi Arms Regime, Sanctions," Apr./May, p. 42;

"'Rudman Report' Adds Fuel to DOE Reorganization Fire," Jun., p. 21;

"Security Council Struggles on Iraq; France Offers New Compromise," Jun., p. 22;

"India Releases Nuclear Doctrine, Looks to Emulate P-5 Arsenals," Jul./Aug., p. 23;

"U.S. Relaxes Export Controls on Supercomputers," Jul./Aug., p. 25;

"New U.S.-Israeli Strategic Dialogue Announced; Israel Acquires New Submarine," Jul./Aug., p. 26;

"Chinese Strategic Plans Move Forward with Missile Test," Jul./Aug., p. 27;

"North Korea, U.S. to Meet on Missiles Issues," Jul./Aug., p. 29;

"North Korea Freezes Missile Tests; U.S. Lifts Sanctions; Perry Report Released," Sept./Oct., pp. 31;

"Congress Approves DOE Reorganization; Clinton Leaves Control with Energy Secretary," Sept./Oct., p. 32;

"U.S. Intelligence Estimates Warns of Rising Missile Threats," Sept./Oct., p. 33;

"Security Council Unable to Reach Consensus on Iraq for General Assembly Meeting," Sept./Oct., p. 36.

Fetter, Steve:

"A Comprehensive Transparency Regime for Warheads and Fissile Material," Jan./Feb.

, pp. 3-7.

Garwin, Richard:

"Why China Won't Build U.S. Warheads," Apr./May, pp. 28-29, 35.

Gee, John:

"The CWC at the Two-Year Mark," Apr./May, pp. 3-9 (interview).

Goshroy, Subrata:

"Not a Catastrophe: Another Look at the South Asian Nuclear Tests," Dec., pp. 15-16.

Graham, Thomas:

"Damage Assessment: The Senate Rejection of the CTBT," Sept./Oct., pp. 9-14 (an ACA briefing).

Gronlund, Lisbeth and George Lewis:

"How a Limited National Missile Defense Would Impact the ABM Treaty," Nov., pp. 7-13.

Holum, John D.:

"The Arms Control Agenda After ACDA," Mar., pp. 3-8 (Mar. 16 address before the ACA annual luncheon).

Isaacs, John:

"Damage Assessment: The Senate Rejection of the CTBT," Sept./Oct., pp. 9-14 (an ACA briefing).

Johnson, Rebecca:

"Division and Doubts at the Third NPT PrepCom," Apr./May, pp. 10-16.

Keeny, Spurgeon M., Jr.:

"Dereliction of Duty," Jan./Feb.

, p. 2;

"Seventeen-Year Locusts," Mar., p. 2;

"Arms Control Adrift? Prospects for 1999," Mar., pp. 9-19 (an ACA Briefing);

"Hyping Chinese Espionage," Apr./May, p. 2;

"Eau de Cologne," Jun., p. 2;

"Senator Helms' Floccinaucinihilipilification," Jul./Aug., p. 2;

"An American Tragedy," Sept./Oct., p. 2;

"Damage Assessment: The Senate Rejection of the CTBT," Sept./Oct., pp. 9-14 (an ACA briefing);

"Just Say 'No,'" Nov., p. 2;

"April Audit," Dec., p. 2.

Kimball, Daryl:

"Arms Control Adrift? Prospects for 1999," Mar., pp. 9-19 (an ACA briefing);

"What Went Wrong: Repairing the Damage to the CTBT," Dec., pp. 3-9.

Lewis, George and Lisbeth Gronlund:

"How a Limited National Missile Defense Would Impact the ABM Treaty," Nov., pp. 7-13.

Luongo, Kenneth:

"Don't Let Furor From Cox Report Undermine U.S.-Russian Cooperation," Apr./May, pp. 32-33.

McCausland, Jeffrey D.:

"Endgame: CFE Adaptation and the OSCE Summit," Sept./Oct., pp. 15-19.

Mendelsohn, Jack:

"NATO's Nuclear Weapons: The Rationale for 'No First Use,'" Jul./Aug., pp. 3-8.

Moltz, James Clay and Tamara C. Robinson:

"Dismantling Russia's Nuclear Subs: New Challenges to Non-Proliferation," Jun., pp. 10-15.

Panofsky, Wolfgang K. H.:

"Assessing the Cost vs. Benefit of U.S.-Chinese Scientific Cooperation," Apr./May, pp. 30-31, 36.

Pfeiffer, Tom:

"U.S., N. Korea Reach Agreement on Suspect Site Inspection," Mar., p. 29.

Pigford, Thomas H. and Luther J. Carter:

"The World's Growing Inventory of Civil Spent Fuel," Jan./Feb., pp. 8-14.

Pollack, Jonathan D.:

"The Cox Report's 'Dirty Little Secret,'" Apr./May, pp. 26-27, 34-35.

Rhinelander, John:

"Arms Control Adrift? Prospects for 1999," Mar., pp. 9-19 (an ACA briefing).

Rice, Matthew:

"Security Council Replaces UNSCOM; Paves Way for Inspections, Sanctions Relief," Dec.

, p. 20;

"KEDO Signs Contract to Begin Work on North Korean Reactors," Dec., p. 22.

Ritter, Scott:

"Former UNSCOM Inspector Criticizes Butler Interview," (letter to the editor), Sept./Oct., p. 41.

Robinson, Tamara C. and James Clay Moltz:

"Dismantling Russia's Nuclear Subs: New Challenges to Non-Proliferation," Jun., pp. 10-15.

Scoblic, J. Peter:

"Russian Officials Continue to Oppose Changes to ABM Treaty," Nov., p. 21;

"Departments of Defense, Energy Open Centers in Russia; Y2K Facility Testing Completed," Nov., p. 26.

Spratt, John M., Jr.:

"Keep the Facts of the Cox Report in Perspective," Apr./May, pp. 24-25, 34.

Springer, John:

"UN Panel on Iraq Recommends 'Reinforced' Monitoring Regime," Mar., p. 31.

Steinbruner, John:

"Damage Assessment: The Senate Rejection of the CTBT," Sept./Oct., pp. 9-14 (an ACA briefing);

"National Missile Defense: Collision in Progress," Nov., pp. 3-6.

Walker, William:

"The Risks of Further Nuclear Testing in South Asia," Sept./Oct., pp. 20-25.

Zahra, Farah:

"Pakistan's Road to a Minimum Nuclear Deterrent," Jul./Aug., pp. 9-13.


"Arms Control Adrift? Prospects for 1999," with David Albright, Matthew Bunn, Spurgeon M. Keeny, Jr., Daryl Kimball and John Rhinelander, Mar., pp. 9-19.

"Damage Assessment: The Senate Rejection of the CTBT," with Thomas Graham, John Isaacs, Spurgeon M. Keeny, Jr. and John Steinbruner, Sept./Oct., pp. 9-14.


"Jump-START: Retaking the Initiative to Reduce Post-Cold War Nuclear Dangers," (by the Committee on Nuclear Policy), Jan./Feb., pp. 15-19.

"The Cox Report: Selected Text," Apr./May, pp. 17-23.

"Science at Its Best, Security at Its Worst," (the "Rudman Report"), Jun., pp. 16-18.

"Joint Statement Between the United States and the Russian Federation Concerning Strategic Offensive and Defensive Arms and Further Strengthening of Stability," Jun., p. 24.

"Facing Nuclear Dangers: An Action Plan for the 21st Century," (excerpts from the Tokyo Conference Report), Jul./Aug., pp. 14-20.

"Vienna Conference Final Declaration," Sept./Oct., p. 40.

"National Missile Defense Review Committee Report," (text of the "Welch Report"), Nov., pp. 14-20.

"UN Resolution 1284," Dec., p. 25-28.


"The Ottawa Convention: Signatories and Ratifiers," Jan./Feb., pp. 29-30.

"U.S. and Soviet/Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces," Mar., p. 34.

"U.S. 1998 Data for the UN Conventional Arms Register," Jun., pp. 25-26.

"India's Draft Nuclear Doctrine," Jul./Aug., pp. 33-34.

"The CTB Treaty: Signatories and Ratifiers," Sept./Oct., pp. 42-43.

"U.S. and Soviet/Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces," Nov., p. 30.


Dr. John Gee, Apr./May, pp. 3-9.

Ambassador Richard Butler, Jun., pp. 3-9.

UN Undersecretary-General Jayantha Dhanapala, Sept./Oct., pp. 3-8.

Indian Foreign Minister Jaswant Singh, Dec., pp. 17.


ABM Treaty:

Clinton administration announces exploration of possible changes to the ABM treaty, Jan./Feb., p. 20;

Senate holds hearings on the ABM Treaty, Apr./May, p. 38;

U.S., Russia agree to discuss possible treaty changes, Jun., p. 19;

First round of talks yield little, Jul./Aug., p. 22;

Clinton administration outlines ABM negotiating position, Sept./Oct., p. 30;

The effects of a limited NMD on the treaty, Nov. pp. 7-13;

Russian officials oppose changes to ABM treaty, Nov., pp. 21, 26.

(See also BMD, NMD, START II, U.S. Arms Control Policy, U.S. Congress, U.S.-Russian Relations.)


See Yugoslavia.

Ballistic Missiles:

NIE estimates rising missile threats to U.S., Sept./Oct., pp. 33, 39;

U.S., South Korea hold a round of missile talks with little progress, Nov., p. 27.

(See also ABM Treaty, China, India, Iran, Iraq, NMD, Pakistan, TMD, UNSCOM.)

Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD):

See ABM Treaty, China, Israel, TMD, U.S. Arms Control Policy, U.S. Congress, U.S.-Russian relations.


See CTR.

Biological Weapons:

See Iraq.

Chemical Weapons:

See Chemical Weapons Convention.

Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC):

Acting director-general discusses the convention's status, Apr./May, pp. 3-9;

Clinton signs order for CWC implementation, Jun., p. 23.


Warns U.S. against extending missile defense cooperation into East Asia, Jan./Feb., p. 27;

U.S.-Chinese relations and the Cox report, Apr./May, p. 2;

Findings of nuclear espionage in the Cox report, Apr./May, pp. 17-23;

Perspective on the Cox report, Apr./May, pp. 24-27, 34-35;

The utility of specific U.S. warhead designs to China, Apr./May, pp. 28-29, 35;

Cost vs. benefit of U.S.-Chinese scientific cooperation, Apr./May, pp. 30-21, 36;

Panel charges China with nuclear espionage, Apr./May, pp. 37, 48;

Successfully flight-tests new ICBM, Jul./Aug., p. 27;

Mixed U.S. signals on Israel-China deal, Nov., p. 29.

Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT):

Urging Senate action, Jan./Feb.

, p. 2;

Senators call on Helms to allow CTBT vote, Jun., p. 20;

Helms rejects appeal of fellow senators to allow full consideration, Jul./Aug., p. 2;

Administration and some senators press for CTBT consideration, Jul./Aug., pp. 21, 29;

Response to the Senate's rejection of the treaty, Sept./Oct., p. 2;

Assessing the U.S. Senate's rejection of the CTBT, Sept./Oct., pp. 9-14;

Details of the Senate's rejection of the treaty, Sept./Oct., pp. 26-29;

International reaction to the U.S. rejection of the treaty, Sept./Oct., p. 29;

Vienna Conference declaration, Sept./Oct., pp. 40-41;

CTBTO funding remains in U.S. budget, Nov., p. 28;

Repairing the CTBT, Dec., pp. 3-9;

Russia, China continue to support CTBT, Dec., p. 24.

(See also U.S. Arms Control Policy.)

Conference on Disarmament (CD):

Fails to resume '98 negotiations at outset of first '99 session, Jan./Feb., p. 23;

First session closes without an agreed work program, Mar., p. 30;

Stalemate remains through May, Apr./May, p. 44;

Ends second session without progress, Jun., p. 20;

CD adds 5 members, Jul./Aug., p. 31;

Closes year without launching negotiations, Sept./Oct., p. 35.

(See also United Nations.)

Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty:

Parties outline adaptations, make room for NATO growth, Mar., p. 28;

Russian compliance with "flank-zone" restrictions in doubt, Apr./May, p. 46;

Russian data shows "flank" limit violations, Jul./Aug., p. 24;

Adapting the CFE, Sept./Oct., pp. 15-19;

Russia admits "flank" violation, Sept./Oct., p. 38;

Treaty adapted at OSCE summit, Nov., pp. 23-25.

Conventional Arms Transfers:

Pentagon reports higher proposed weapons deals, Jan./Feb., p. 26;

Ecuador halts new arms buys, Jan./Feb., p. 28;

U.S. announces new arms sales to the Middle East worth billions, Mar., p. 32;

U.S. ranks as world's top arms supplier, Jul./Aug., p. 27;

UN undersecretary worried about arms industry, Jul./Aug., p. 31;

Commercial arms export licenses reported, Jul./Aug., p. 32;

Polish and Kazakh arms illegally transferred, Sept./Oct., p. 38;

Pentagon notifies Congress of $13 billion in possible arms sales, Nov., p. 27;

Mixed U.S. signals on Israel-China deal, Nov., p. 29.

(See also Indonesia, OAS, South Africa, UN Conventional Arms Register, U.S.-Russian Relations.)

Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR):

Fighting proliferation in the former Soviet Union, Mar., pp. 20-25;

The future of U.S.-Russian cooperation following the Cox report, Apr./May, pp. 32-33;

U.S.-Russian program extended until 2006, Jun., p. 23;

United States and Ukraine extend program, Jul./Aug., p. 23;

New centers open in Russia aimed at stemming proliferation and improving security, Nov., p. 26.

Department of Energy (DOE):

Rudman report assesses security at the nuclear weapons labs, Jun., pp. 16-18;

House and Senate consider a semi-autonomous agency to manage nuclear weapons complex, Jun., p. 21;

Reorganization creates partial separation of nuclear weapons complex, Sept./Oct., p. 32.

Export Controls:

U.S. relaxes controls on supercomputers, Jul./Aug.

, p. 25;

Russian-held supercomputers moved to civilian use, Sept./Oct., p. 39.

Fissile Material:

"HEU deal" back on track after stumble, Dec., p. 23.

Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty (FMCT):

See CD.


Tests Agni-2 missile, Apr./May, p. 41;

Releases first nuclear doctrine, Jul./Aug., p. 23;

Text of draft nuclear doctrine, Jul./Aug., pp. 33-34.

(See also India-Pakistan Relations, NPT, Pakistan.)

India-Pakistan Relations:

Agree on security, confidence-building measures, Jan./Feb., p. 21;

Risks of further testing in South Asia, Sept./Oct., pp. 20-25.

(See also India, Pakistan).


U.S. and EU suspends military ties with Indonesia, Sept./Oct., p. 38.


U.S. sanctions Russian entities for sharing nuclear and missile technology with Iran, Jan./Feb., p. 25.

(See also Ballistic Missiles.)


UN creates new panel to review Iraqi disarmament, Jan./Feb., p. 22;

New UN panel recommends a reinforced monitoring regime, Mar., p. 31;

Security Council divided on Iraqi disarmament issues, sanctions, Apr./May, p. 42;

Security Council without consensus for restoring activities in Iraq, Jun., p. 22;

Security Council still unresolved on resolving the Iraqi situation, Sept./Oct., p. 36;

Security Council replaces UNSCOM with new body, Dec., p. 20.

(See also Ballistic Missiles, United Nations, UNSCOM.)


U.S.-Israeli strategic dialogue announced, Jul./Aug.

, p. 26;

Acquires submarines with second-strike capabilities, Jul./Aug., p. 26;

Conducts first successful Arrow BMD test, Nov., p. 29;

Mixed U.S. signals on Israel-China deal, Nov., p. 29.


U.S., Japan formalize TMD cooperation, Jul./Aug., p. 31;

Japanese minister resigns over nuclear remarks, Nov., p. 28.

(See also KEDO, Nuclear Non-Proliferation, Theater Missile Defense.)


See Conventional Arms Transfers, CTR.

Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization (KEDO):

Continues LWR project, signs significant financial agreements with Japan, Apr./May, p. 46;

KEDO signs contract to begin work on North Korean reactors, Dec., p. 22.

(See also North Korea.)


U.S. ratifies amended CCW landmines protocol, Apr./May, p. 44.

(See also Ottawa Convention.)

Latin America:

See Conventional Arms Transfers, OAS.

Material Protection, Control and Accounting (MPC&A):

Challenges to dismantling Russia's nuclear subs, Jun., pp. 10-15.

(See also CTR.)

Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR):

See Ballistic Missiles.

National Missile Defense (NMD):

Cohen announces restructuring of U.S. NMD program, Jan./Feb., p. 20;

Recurring calls for an NMD, Mar., p. 2;

Clinton signs NMD legislation, Jul./Aug., p. 22;

U.S. conducts first successful NMD intercept test, Sept./Oct., p. 30;

NMD review by the Welch Panel, Nov., pp. 14-20;

NATO ministers skeptical of U.S. NMD plans, Dec., p. 21.

(See also ABM Treaty, BMD, U.S. Arms Control Policy, U.S. Congress.)


Unveils new 'strategic concept' allowing out-of-area actions, Apr./May, p. 40;

NATO's nuclear weapons doctrine, Jul./Aug., pp. 3-8;

Hungarian PM angers Moscow with nuke remark, Nov., p. 28.

(See also CFE Treaty, U.S.-Russian Relations.)

North Korea:

Agreement reached on U.S. inspection of suspect nuclear site, Mar.

, p. 29;

U.S. inspection finds suspect site nuclear-free, Apr./May, p. 39;

To conduct missile talks with the United States, Jul./Aug., p. 29;

Freezes missile tests, U.S. lifts sanctions, Sept./Oct., p. 31;

KEDO signs contract to begin work on North Korean reactors, Dec., p. 22.

(See also Ballistic Missiles, KEDO, NPT, Nuclear Non-Proliferation.)

Nuclear Abolition:

See CD.

Nuclear Non-Proliferation:

Challenges posed by civil spent fuel, Jan./Feb., pp. 8-14;

Tokyo Forum report on non-proliferation and disarmament, Jul./Aug., pp. 14-20.

(See also CTBT, CTR, KEDO, MPC&A, North Korea, United Nations, UNSCOM.)

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT):

Division and doubt at the third PrepCom, status of the regime, Apr./May, pp. 10-16;

Possible problems with treaty for 2000 meeting, Dec., pp. 10-14.

(See also CTBT, North Korea.)

Nuclear Safety and Security:

See CTR, MPC&A, U.S. Nuclear Weapons, U.S.-Russian Relations.

Nuclear Testing:

Clinton vows to continue testing moratorium, Sept./Oct., pp. 28-29.

(See also CTBT, India, India-Pakistan Relations, Pakistan.)


See CTR.

Organization of American States (OAS):

Regional arms transparency regime ready for signature, Apr./May, p. 47;

Nineteen countries (including the United States) sign arms transparency convention, Jun., p. 23.

Ottawa Convention:

Holds first conference of states-parties, Apr./May, p. 45.

(See also Landmines.)


Tests Ghauri-2 and Shaheen-1 missiles, Apr./May, pp. 41, 48;

A plan for a minimum nuclear deterrent, Jul./Aug., pp. 9-13;

Prime Minister ousted in bloodless coup, Sept./Oct., p. 39;

New Pakistani government says it will not initiate nuclear testing, Nov., p. 28.

(See also India, India-Pakistan Relations, NPT.)


See CTR, Nuclear Non-Proliferation, U.S. Arms Control Policy.


Yeltsin signs decree on development and deployment of tactical nuclear weapons, Apr./May, p. 47.

(See also CFE Treaty, CTR, Export Control, START I, START II, START III, United Nations, U.S.-Russian Relations.)

South Africa:

South Africa signs $3.5 billion in arms purchases, Sept./Oct.

, p. 38.

South Korea:

See Ballistic Missiles, KEDO, North Korea.


See ABM Treaty, CD.

Stockpile Stewardship and Management Program (SSMP):

See CTBT, Nuclear Testing.

Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) I:

U.S. destroys first of 150 Minuteman III silos, Nov., p. 29.

(See also CTR, START II.)


Russia delays vote following NATO strikes on Yugoslavia, Mar., p. 27;

Russia postpones START II vote, Dec., p. 24.

(See also CTR, START I, START III, U.S. Arms Control Policy, U.S. Arms Control Policy, U.S.-Russian Relations.)


U.S., Russia to begin treaty "discussions," Jun., p. 19;

First round of talks yield little, Jul./Aug., p. 22.

(See also START II, U.S. Arms Control Policy, U.S.-Russian Relations.)


See Export Controls.

Theater Missile Defense (TMD):

THAAD fails sixth intercept test, PAC-3 conducts a successful test, Mar., p. 33;

Seventh THAAD intercept test aborted, Apr./May, p. 47;

Successful THAAD intercept test, Jun., p. 23;

THAAD moves into next stage of development after second intercept, Jul./Aug., p. 31;

U.S., Japan formalize TMD cooperation, Jul./Aug., p. 31.

(See also ABM Treaty, BMD, Israel, Japan.)


See CTR.

United Nations:

Dhanapala discusses UN arms control policies, Sept./Oct., pp. 3-8.

(See also CD, CTBT, Iraq, UN Conventional Arms Register, UNSCOM.)

UN Conventional Arms Register:

U.S. reports transfers to annual register, Apr./May, p. 47;

Lowest ever participation in UN Arms Register, Sept./Oct., p. 34.

(See also Conventional Arms Transfers.)

UN Special Commission on Iraq (UNSCOM):

Said to aid U.S. spying, Jan./Feb.

, p. 22;

Butler discusses his tenure at UNSCOM, pp. 3-9;

Letter to the editor from Scott Ritter, Sept./Oct., p. 41;

Security Council replaces UNSCOM with new body, Dec., p. 20.

(See also Iraq, United Nations.)


See CTR, Nuclear Non-Proliferation.

U.S. Arms Control Policy:

Suggestions for a warhead and fissile material transparency regime, Jan./Feb., pp. 3-7;

The Committee on Nuclear Policy's report on overcoming impasses in the strategic arms process, Jan./Feb., pp. 15-19;

Arms control after ACDA, Mar., pp. 3-8;

Prospects for arms control in '99, Mar., pp. 9-19;

Deutch panel criticizes U.S. non-proliferation efforts, Jul./Aug., p. 31;

the ramification of deploying a U.S. NMD, Nov., pp. 3-6.

(See also ABM Treaty, Ballistic Missiles, CD, CFE, CTBT, CTR, CWC, Indonesia, Iran, Landmines, NATO, NMD, Nuclear Testing, OAS, START III, U.S. Congress, U.S.-Russian Relations.)

U.S. Congress:

New NMD bills introduced in both the Senate and the House, Jan./Feb., p. 24;

Helms sets June deadline for administration to submit ABM agreements, Jan./Feb., p. 28;

Senate and House approve new NMD bills, Mar., p. 26;

Kerry amendment on nuclear reductions defeated, Apr./May, p. 48;

Compromise reached on Trident subs, Jul./Aug., p. 32;

CTBTO funding remains in U.S. budget, Nov., p. 28.

(See also CTBT, DOE, NMD.)

U.S. Non-Proliferation Policy:

See CD, CTBT, CTR, CWC, India, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Pakistan, U.S. Arms Control Policy, U.S.-Russian Relations.

U.S. Nuclear Use Policy:

See NATO, U.S.-Russian Relations.

U.S. Nuclear Weapons:

Y2K testing complete, Nov., p. 26.

(See also DOE, Nuclear Testing, Plutonium, U.S. Non-Proliferation Policy, START II, START III.)

U.S.-Russian Relations:

U.S. warns Russia against arms transfers to Syria, Jan./Feb., p. 28;

Y2K cooperation on hold following NATO strikes on Yugoslavia, Mar., p. 27;

U.S. sanctions Russian companies for Syrian arms deal, Mar., p. 33;

Renewed pledge for strategic arms reduction, Jun., p. 2.

(See also ABM Treaty, CFE Treaty, CTR, Export Controls, START I, START II, START III, U.S. Arms Control Policy.)

Wassenaar Arrangement:

Wassenaar members remain divided on arrangement's scope, Dec., p. 23.


Belgrade suspends implementation of sub-regional arms accord, Apr./May, p. 43;

Belgrade resumes implementation of sub-regional arms accord, Jul./Aug., p. 25;

KLA disarming slowly and reluctantly, Jul./Aug., p. 32;

Belgrade and KLA making disarmament progress, Sept./Oct., p. 37.

(See also START II, U.S.-Russian Relations.)