“Right after I graduated, I interned with the Arms Control Association. It was terrific.”

– George Stephanopolous
ABC News
January 1, 2005
Israeli Air Force Takes Command of Arrow System

April 2000

The Israeli air force took operational command of the first of three planned Arrow-2 missile batteries in a March 14 ceremony. Though additional personnel training is required in order for this battery of the anti-ballistic missile system to reach an initial operational capability in a few months, the commander of the Israeli air force, Major General Eitan Ben-Eliahu, told reporters at the ceremony that the battery could be operational in a few days in an emergency. Israel launched its missile defense program with U.S. cooperation in 1986 and initiated the Arrow program two years later. Program costs through 2005 are expected to be approximately $1.6 billion—supported by some $600 million in direct U.S. funding—with costs to reportedly total $2.2 billion by 2010. Last fall, the U.S. Congress approved an additional $45 million for deployment of a third battery to help Israel provide a better defense against what Israel views as a growing threat posed by Iran's ballistic missile programs, specifically the development of the Shahab-3 and Shahab-4 missiles.