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Open Skies Treaty
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I. General Provisions

II. Definitions

III. Quotas

IV. Sensors

V. Aircraft Designation

VI. Choice of Observation Aircraft, General Provisions for the Conduct of Observation Flights, and Requirements for Mission Planning

VII. Transit Flights

VIII. Prohibitions, Deviations from Flight Plans and Emergency Situations

IX. Sensor Output from Observation Flights

X. Open Skies Consultative Commission

XI. Notifications and Reports

XII. Liability

XIII. Designation of Personnel and Privileges and Immunities

XIV. Benelux

XV. Duration and Withdrawal

XVI. Amendments and Periodic Review

XVII. Depositaries, Entry into Force and Accession

XVIII. Provisional Application and Phasing of Implementation of the Treaty

XIX. Authentic Texts



ANNEX A: Quotas and Maximum Flight Distances

ANNEX B: Information on Sensors

APPENDIX 1 TO ANNEX B: Annotation of Data Collected During and Observation Flight

ANNEX C: Information on Observation Aircraft

ANNEX D: Certification of Observation Aircraft Sensors

APPENDIX 1 TO ANNEX D: Methodologies for the Verification of the Performance of Sensors Installed on an Observation Aircraft

ANNEX E: Procedures for Arrivals and Departures

ANNEX E APPENDIX 1: Designation of Sites

ANNEX F: Pre-Flight Inspections and Demonstration Flights

ANNEX G: Flight Monitors, Flight Representatives, and Representatives

ANNEX H: Co-ordination of Planned Observation Flights

ANNEX I: Information on Airspace and Flights in Hazardous Airspace

ANNEX J: Montreux Convention

ANNEX K: Information on Film Processors, Duplicators and Photographic Films, and Procedures for Monitoring the Processing of Photographic Film

ANNEX L: Open Skies Consultative Commission

Posted: January 1, 2002