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– Shalonda Spencer
Women of Color Advancing Peace, Security, and Conflict Transformation
June 2, 2022
Article Title Cited News Outlet News Date
The United States and Russia are close to the nuclear arms race without any restrictions - Director of the Arms Control Association Daryl Kimball VOA June 24, 2017
'Hotline’ Established Between US, Former Soviet Union on This Day in 1963 Arms Control Association VOA June 20, 2017
Experts: US and Russia dialogue may start with nuclear disarmament Daryl Kimball VOA April 5, 2017
Diplomatic Sources: Iranian Nuclear Talks Showing Little Progress VOA June 12, 2015
Congress Can’t Stop Iran Sanctions Unraveling VOA April 15, 2015
Iran Nuclear Talks Extended to Wednesday VOA March 31, 2015
Does Russian Treaty Violation Pose Military Threat? VOA July 30, 2014
Alleged Chlorine Gas Attacks Focus Renewed Attention on Syria VOA May 29, 2014
Destruction of Syria's Chemical Weapons Almost Complete VOA May 22, 2014
Final Phase of the Iran Nuclear Talks Begin VOA April 24, 2014
Analysts: Russia's Crimea Annexation Threatens Anti-Nuclear Efforts VOA March 24, 2014
Next Round of Iran Talks to Be Tough, Experts Say VOA January 13, 2014
US Lawmakers Debate Increased Iran Sanctions VOA December 13, 2013
US Prepares to Destroy Syrian Chemical Weapons VOA December 12, 2013
Thorny Issues Remain for Iran Nuclear Negotiators VOA November 27, 2013
Many US Senators Oppose Ratifying UN Arms Trade Treaty VOA October 17, 2013
Next US-Russia Arms Talks Could Involve Short-Range Nuclear Weapons VOA July 3, 2013
Syria's Chemical Weapons Vulnerable as Conflict Widens VOA May 10, 2013
Reports of Chemical Weapons Use in Syria Murky VOA May 10, 2013
US Gun Lobby Targets International Arms Treaty VOA April 25, 2013
UN Passes Landmark Arms Treaty VOA April 2, 2013
July UN Meeting to Discuss Global Arms Trade Treaty VOA June 28, 2012
Future of US, Russian Short-Range Nuclear Weapons Could Be on Negotiating Table VOA April 4, 2012
Next Arms Talks Between US, Russia Might Involve Tactical Weapons VOA April 2, 2012
Russian Foreign Minister to Meet Obama at White House VOA July 12, 2011