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August 27, 2018
Defense News
Article Title Cited News Outlet News Date
Fight over America’s nuclear arsenal heats up in Congress Kingston Reif Defense News March 23, 2019
The next six months could define America’s missile defense for a generation Kingston Reif Defense News January 27, 2019
US lawmakers tangle over nuclear arsenal, Russia treaties Kingston Reif Defense News November 30, 2018
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Nuclear Posture Review draft leaks; new weapons coming amid strategic shift Kingston Reif Defense News January 12, 2018
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Trump threats to New START could imperil nuclear modernization programs Defense News February 23, 2017
Trump's nuclear options: Upcoming review casts a wide net Defense News February 8, 2017
Labor Costs, Data Questions Driving ICBM Replacement Cost Estimate Defense News November 4, 2016
US Lawmakers Urge Obama to Punish Russia Over Missile Treaty Breach Defense News October 19, 2016
Updated B61 Nuclear Bomb to Cost $8.25 Billion Defense News October 19, 2016
White House Mulls Big Nuclear Policy Changes, and Lawmakers Speak Up Defense News July 26, 2016
Corker, McCain: Don't Quit On Nuke Modernization Defense News June 27, 2016
After Nuclear Missile Loss, Dems Vow to Keep Fighting Defense News June 25, 2016
Belgium Attacks Loom Over Final Nuclear Security Summit Defense News March 27, 2016
On Nuclear Weapons, Hill Shows Bipartisan Support Defense News February 26, 2016
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Rough Path Ahead for Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Defense News October 24, 2015
Iran’s Nuclear Ballistic Missile Threat Not on the Horizon Defense News September 14, 2015
Move Ahead With New START Defense News September 27, 2010