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The Arms Control Association in the News
Article Title Cited News Source News Date
Trump's hegemonic strategy triggers nuclear tension Kingston Reif Turkey Telegraph February 18, 2018
Failed Kauai missile test cost $130M Kingston Reif Honolulu Star Advertiser February 17, 2018
Macron says France 'will strike' if chemical attacks in Syria proven Arms Control Association Asia Pacific Daily February 14, 2018
Spotlight: U.S. defense budget with lavish purchase plan faces doubts Michael Klare Xinhua News February 14, 2018
Trump promised to rebuild the military. His new budget does that, if you squint. Kingston Reif Vox February 12, 2018
Mike Pence says the US is ready to negotiate with North Korea (sort of) Arms Control Association, Kelsey Davenport Vox February 12, 2018
A Pentagon chart misleadingly suggests the U.S. is falling behind in a nuclear arms race Kingston Reif The Washington Post February 12, 2018
Who will hold Assad to account for chemical weapons? Alicia Sanders-Zakre Arab News February 11, 2018
Nuclear scientists logged on to one of Russia’s most secure computers — to mine bitcoin Kingston Reif The Washington Post February 9, 2018
Interview: Flawed U.S. policy to make world's nuclear peril greater: expert Daryl G. Kimball Xinhua News February 8, 2018
'New START' Milestone Could Help Halt Nuclear Arms Race Arms Control Association, Daryl G. Kimball, Kingston Reif, Thomas Countryman In Depth News February 7, 2018
Spotlight: U.S. nuclear policy under fire as it calls for more, not less nukes Michael Klare Xinhua News February 6, 2018
Fears grow of new nuclear arms race between Russia and U.S. Alicia Sanders-Zakre The Japan Times February 6, 2018
China slams U.S. nuclear expansion Daryl G. Kimball Newburgh Gazette February 5, 2018
Don’t stop new START Alicia Sanders-Zakre The Hill February 5, 2018
How the US plans to make nuclear weapons easier to use Daryl G. Kimball Euronews February 3, 2018
Trump's Nuclear Posture Review shows greater willingness to use nukes first, say critics Thomas Countryman CNBC February 2, 2018
With an eye on Russia, U.S. to increase nuclear capabilities Kingston Reif Business Insider February 2, 2018
Why we should reject Trump’s dangerous nuclear plan Alicia Sanders-Zakre Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists February 2, 2018
China may soon add more nuclear warheads to 'beef up' its nuclear capabilities to fend off US threat Arms Control Association International Business Times UK January 31, 2018