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– Joseph Biden, Jr.
January 28, 2004
US-Iran Relations: A Way Forward Through Religious Dialogue

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US-Iran Relations: A Way Forward Through Religious Dialogue

Thursday, November 17, 3:00 p.m.
The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Root Room
1779 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC

People gawked as Catholic bishops and Iranian ayatollahs amicably walked the streets of Rome together in June. What happened when they sat together behind closed doors to discuss nuclear weapons, the use of force, and terrorism?
Bishop Oscar Cantú, Bishop Richard Pates, and Kelsey Davenport at the Carnegie Endowment event on shared Muslim-Catholic nuclear disarmament aims. (Photo: via Twitter by @HHaegeland)

This event discussed the encounter between U.S. Catholic bishops and five Iranian religious leaders that took place June 5-10, 2016 in Rome, that followed on the 5-day visit by U.S. bishops to Qom, Iran (Iran’s Holy City) in March 2014.
Welcome/Introduction: Dr. John Borelli, Georgetown University
Moderator: Kelsey Davenport, Arms Control Association

Panelists include:

Arms Control Association
Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs Georgetown University
Office of International Justice and Peace
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops