"[Arms Control Today is] Absolutely essential reading for the upcoming Congressional budget debate on the 2018 #NPR and its specific recommendations ... well-informed, insightful, balanced, and filled with common sense."

– Frank Klotz
former Administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration
March 7, 2018
ACA's 2010 To Do List: Now Is Our Time
Advance implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1887 and promote concrete steps to prevent the use and spread of nuclear weapons.
Work to build public and policymaker support for an action plan to update and strengthen the beleaguered NPT system at the 2010 NPT Review Conference and beyond.
Explain the benefits of the New U.S.-Russian START agreement and urge its prompt ratification, while building understanding and support for a new round of even deeper verifiable reductions—to 1,000 or fewer total warheads.
Build support for Senate approval of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty with our Project for the CTBT partners and allies.
Encourage serious U.S diplomatic engagement with Iran to convince its leaders to freeze sensitive nuclear activities and allow broader IAEA inspections, and provide realistic threat assessments of the Iranian missile and nuclear programs.
Promote active diplomacy to verifiably freeze and eventually dismantle North Korea’s nuclear program through direct U.S.-DPRK talks and the 6-party process.
Press for meaningful international action to reduce the threat posed by vulnerable nuclear material at the April 2009 Nuclear Security Summit in Washington.
Encourage positive U.S. engagement in the negotiation of an effective global Arms Trade Treaty, as well as U.S. signature and ratification of the Mine Ban Treaty and Convention on Cluster Munitions.


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