Midterm Grades on Obama Administration's Conventional Arms Control Record

By Jeff Abramson

During the week of Feb 7-11, 2011, we provided midterm grades on 5 aspects of the Obama administration's approach to conventional weapons arms control. Bookmark this post and come back over the next months and years to compare the grades you'd give to those earned at the two-year mark of the Obama administration.

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Grading Guide

A: Global leader pressing for actions to curb arms races and set or reinforce highest international norms.

B: Working to raise or meet global norms. Breaking with past policies where appropriate.

C: Policies under review and may result in moving to meeting global norms, or may result in undermining them.

D: Falling behind global norms. Actions may exacerbate arms races, illicit proliferation or other threats to national and international peace and human security.

F: Actions undermining global norms and likely contributing to arms races or insecurity.