Jan./Feb. ACT Features are online!

Tonight's State of the Union address is expected to focus mainly on domestic and economic topics. However, those looking to learn more about the state of arms control in the U.S. and abroad need look no further than this month's Arms Control Today. The January/February edition includes forward-looking policy-focused articles from:

? Bill Richardson With his three co-authors, Richardson-the former New Mexico governor, U.S. energy secretary, and ambassador to the UN-identifies important benchmarks for the U.S. as officials prepare for the 2012 nuclear security summit.

? Bonnie Jenkins The State Department's coordinator for Cooperative Threat Reduction programs analyzes national and international threat reduction efforts in a multilateral, globalized world.

? Jonathan B. Tucker Is Washington prepared to lead at the Biological Weapons Convention Review Conference? Tucker argues that the United States must offer bolder, more ambitious measures than it has so far on increasing transparency and building confidence in compliance.

? Fred McGoldrick Drawing on 30 years of government service, McGoldrick outlines how the United States and other key countries, both inside and outside the Nuclear Suppliers Group, have undermined the organization's export control efforts. Responses to several items on its current agenda, he argues, will be key to the NSG's future as an effective barrier to proliferation.

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