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December ACT Features are Online!

Arms Control NOW

By Farrah Zughni

As the Senate commences floor debate on New START this week, the features in the December edition of Arms Control Today invite readers to look ahead to even broader efforts in reducing nuclear arsenals globally.

In "Britain Leads the Way to Global Zero," Harold Smith and Raymond Jeanloz argue that the United Kingdom's nuclear arsenal reductions offer a blueprint for the United States and Russia as they move to further reduce their own stockpiles. According to Smith and Jeanloz, the British approach makes an implicit statement about the kind of deterrence that nuclear weapons provide.

Meanwhile, Brookings Arms Control Initiative Director Steven Pifer explains what to expect after New START while James Fuller, the former director of defense nuclear nonproliferation programs at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, gives dismantlement wonks a template for "Verification on the Road to Zero."

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