“Your association has taken a significant role in fostering public awareness of nuclear disarmament and has led to its advancement.”
– Kazi Matsui
Mayor of Hiroshima
June 2, 2022
Religious and Scientific Leaders Call for CTBT Toward Reducing Nuclear Risk
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A prominent Catholic bishop and a Nobel laureate today called for a "step-by-step process to prevent the use and spread of [nuclear weapons]" in an Atlantic Journal Constitution op-ed, citing a consensus within the scientific and religious communities that nuclear weapons "are a global liability".

Howard James Hubbard, chairman of the Committee on International Justice and Peace of the U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops and 1998 Nobel laureate in physics Leon Lederman argue that the CTBT will "include practical, verifiable steps that would make us more secure, prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and build international confidence for further progress." The authors point to the growing bi-partisan "chorus of national security experts and policymakers" who are calling for such steps, and argue that there is a moral and practical obligation to reduce nuclear risk.